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NAF, Nutritional Advanced Formulas for horses and ponies
Super shiny quick drying hoof polish for black hooves
Super shiny quick drying hoof polish for black hooves
Super shiny quick drying hoof polish for black hooves

Paint it Black

Put your best hoof forward with this super shiny, quick drying paint-on hoof polish. For elegant hooves every time. Prepare to be ADMIRED

Apply to clean dry hooves with the easy to use brush applicator painting from the coronet band down to the wall of the hoof for a superior shine which stays put

Sophie Radford at David Thompson Racing

"The Queens Ladies recently won Best Turned Out. I absolutely love Plait it Up, Razzle Dazzle Them, Make your Mark and Paint it Black - I'd be lost without them when we go racing."


Emma and Maggie

“I love the Paint it Black Polish it dries so quickly and is proper black, it looks really smart and the Show Off Shampoo is so easy to use and Maggie shines more than her competitors!! We are working out way through your range!!”


Bobbi and Brody

I work for Wynnstay in the Skipton branch and show horses in my spare time. I just wanted to let you know how fabulous the NAF range of cleaning/ grooming products are. My sister and I have 2 grey horses and we would be lost without your fantastic products. We have an Irish Draught Maxi Cob Mare called Newshams Mooncoin ( Bobbi) and a Irish Sports horse who is a Novice Heavyweight Hunter called Mount Rushmore ( Brody). Last September Bobbi was graded by the Irish Draught Society and was graded class 1 she received the highest conformation mare of all the mares graded and the 3 inspectors also commented on her presentation. In 2015 Bobbi had a very successful year and was featured in the Irish Draught Year book with a full page article, she also had a number of other photographs in the year book due to her successes at the Northern, Midlands and South West Irish Draught shows. 2016 has also started out very successful with Bobbi has so far winning 2 supreme of show championships, 6 champions and 3 reserve champions. A number of people ask how we get her so clean and her tail and legs so white! The key to her looking so sparkling clean is we use NAF Pimp my Pony on her body, and for her tail and legs we wash them with NAF Show OFF shampoo. The morning of the show we use NAF Muck OFF on any dirty bits and always put this in her tail even if it is clean as this makes the tail very white! We also regularly use the NAF Shine ON Grooming spray to keep their coats in fab condition. Brody is in his first season showing as Christina badly broke her ankle last year and therefore he was not broken until the end of 2015. Brody’s nickname at home is Mud Monster and he loves to be dirty – this is not helpful when he is 17.2hds and grey! I have attached a photo that shows a usual dirty photo of him. Brody has so far been to 2 shows and won at both these shows and also won a championship and reserve championship. At these shows a number of people asked how we get him so clean! Again we use NAF Show OFF shampoo, NAF Muck Off (on a daily basis) and NAF Shine on Grooming Spray. I have found that the grooming spray really helps to keep his coat clean. Over the years we have used all brands of cleaning and grooming products but NAF is by far the best! We would be lost without your products, they also smell fantastic, we also get a lot of comments at show on how clean and well the horses look. Christina and I are complete amateurs we buy our horses in Ireland as unbroken and usually a little wild 3 years old and break and produce them ourselves. Christina works as an Environmental Consultant specialising in flood risk and resilience so this years has been exceptionally busy for her but we always make time for our horses as they are our passion and it’s great to see they are looking their best and so glad NAF make such good products to help our horses look there best. I have attached photographs so you can see how great Bobbi and Brody look thanks to NAF. Nicola



Julie at Windmill Feeds with her horse Jack the Fell Pony Townend Pippin aka Jack. 12 yr old Fell Pony gelding. Jack arrived at the stud as a 6month old colt destined to be the new stallion at the stud. He was turned away to grow up. At 3 he was turned out with his first mares, with great success. By the time he was 7 he was brought in from the field as now his daughters had reach age. This is how he stayed untill he was 91/2 yrs old (keeping the cows company). The elderly owner finally decided to have him gelded. 3 months later he was finally turned out again. He failed to thrive and became ill. Back into the stable he went. Gradually he improved with the help of NAF immuforte and was turned out again. At this point the stud owner became too ill to keep the stud going and it was decided to disperse the stock. All that was left were Jack and his youngest daughter Justa. June 2015 Jack left the farm by tractor and cattle trailer to attend his first in-hand show. (He had not left the farm since he arrived at 6months old). In a well attended local show he came 2nd, and found his new owner. Ellice Johnson fell head over heals in love with him. She persuaded her parents to let her have him on loan to break him in (he was 11 yrs old) as a summer project. His charm won everyone over and Ellice became his official owner at Christmas 2015. So time to take him out to see the world. Heathfield show was the plan. So for 3 months leading upto the show he was fed NAF linseed oil, and show prep bathed in NAF wash and show dark coat shampoo. The polishing began. Silky mane and tail to tame his wild mane and tail, oil it well on his muzzle and eyes, paint it black on his hooves and the final touch of Razzle Dazzle them all over Townend Pippin was ready for the ring. As the light caught his coat he shone much like his personality. He was a total gentlemen and foot perfect. Placing a respectable 2nd in his class. Happy smiles all round. The next step is to get him shiny enough to visit HRH The Queen as 90 Fell ponies provide a guard of honour at Windsor Castle in celebration of the Queen's 90th Birthday. Fingers crossed for Ellice and Jack.


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