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NAF, Nutritional Advanced Formulas for horses and ponies
Powerful stain remover to clean up grass and stable stains
Powerful stain remover to clean up grass and stable stains
Powerful stain remover to clean up grass and stable stains

Muck Off

Stubborn stable stains mean nothing to this powerful formula. Add a little of this fantastic foam to the stain to lift it clean away, for a spotless horse or pony even when you’re in a hurry. So, for those stains that seem impossible, it’s definitely worth a try. We haven’t found anything it can’t remove! Give it a go….. The results will be AMAZING!

Key Ingredients
Citronellol, Geraniol, Hexyl cinnamal, Hydroxycitronellal, Linalool, 5-Chloro-2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one/ 2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one. May produce an allergic reaction.
Simply pump Muck Off stain remover onto your hand, a cloth or directly onto stained area and massage in well. Leave for five minutes before easily lifting stain away with a damp sponge or cloth to leave a spotless finish. Do not apply product to broken or irritated skin and avoid eyes. Always rinse well with clean water after application.

Katie Dutton & Kildun Marathon AKA Jimmy

"My name's Katie and Jimmy is my pony of a life time. Being grey, Jimmy isn't the most helpful when it comes to keeping clean! For example at today's BS comp Jimmy had pooh stains all down his leg. 2 minutes later thanks to Muck Off - no stain!"


Rhea Shakespeare

"I've recently bought a lead rein show hunter pony (he's grey!) and doesn't like to stay grey haha! I've been using the Muck Off stain remover foam everyday as a rule as he gets so many stains and it's like magic so easy to use and keeps him looking presentable for when the little girl comes to ride without having to be fully bathed. We're hoping he will contest the big classes next year with her. But so far your stain remover is honestly a life changer & will hopefully keep his coat grey and keep the yellow stains away. He's also having the farriers dressing on Day & night to keep his hooves in good condition ready for his shows Xx"


Chloe Sharman & Crem

"Our favourite thing from NAF is the Muck Off stan remover it is literally the best thing ever, it always gets his poo stains off!"


Lily Mason & Sunny

"I always swear on your Muck Off stain remover to keep my grey more white and less green! I also have him on your Five Star Superflex, it has made such a difference! He had to have a year out for work last year so I really swear on this product to keep him on top form! The Pimp My Pony shampoo is a favourite of mine and keeps my horses not just looking amazing but smelling amazing!"


Katie Bennion

I buy quite a lot of your products from Countrywide. I have been in love with the Muck Off spray! I use it on my mucky cob mare and her coat turns out so well! When she was clipped, the effects of the spray have left her with a very shiny coat and undercoat. I look forward to the summer to give them baths in the Show Off shampoo and use the other products more! I think my cob mare loves coming in mucky just so I can use it on her! Thank you for creating fantastic products. Katie Bennion.


Bobbi and Brody

I work for Wynnstay in the Skipton branch and show horses in my spare time. I just wanted to let you know how fabulous the NAF range of cleaning/ grooming products are. My sister and I have 2 grey horses and we would be lost without your fantastic products. We have an Irish Draught Maxi Cob Mare called Newshams Mooncoin ( Bobbi) and a Irish Sports horse who is a Novice Heavyweight Hunter called Mount Rushmore ( Brody). Last September Bobbi was graded by the Irish Draught Society and was graded class 1 she received the highest conformation mare of all the mares graded and the 3 inspectors also commented on her presentation. In 2015 Bobbi had a very successful year and was featured in the Irish Draught Year book with a full page article, she also had a number of other photographs in the year book due to her successes at the Northern, Midlands and South West Irish Draught shows. 2016 has also started out very successful with Bobbi has so far winning 2 supreme of show championships, 6 champions and 3 reserve champions. A number of people ask how we get her so clean and her tail and legs so white! The key to her looking so sparkling clean is we use NAF Pimp my Pony on her body, and for her tail and legs we wash them with NAF Show OFF shampoo. The morning of the show we use NAF Muck OFF on any dirty bits and always put this in her tail even if it is clean as this makes the tail very white! We also regularly use the NAF Shine ON Grooming spray to keep their coats in fab condition. Brody is in his first season showing as Christina badly broke her ankle last year and therefore he was not broken until the end of 2015. Brody’s nickname at home is Mud Monster and he loves to be dirty – this is not helpful when he is 17.2hds and grey! I have attached a photo that shows a usual dirty photo of him. Brody has so far been to 2 shows and won at both these shows and also won a championship and reserve championship. At these shows a number of people asked how we get him so clean! Again we use NAF Show OFF shampoo, NAF Muck Off (on a daily basis) and NAF Shine on Grooming Spray. I have found that the grooming spray really helps to keep his coat clean. Over the years we have used all brands of cleaning and grooming products but NAF is by far the best! We would be lost without your products, they also smell fantastic, we also get a lot of comments at show on how clean and well the horses look. Christina and I are complete amateurs we buy our horses in Ireland as unbroken and usually a little wild 3 years old and break and produce them ourselves. Christina works as an Environmental Consultant specialising in flood risk and resilience so this years has been exceptionally busy for her but we always make time for our horses as they are our passion and it’s great to see they are looking their best and so glad NAF make such good products to help our horses look there best. I have attached photographs so you can see how great Bobbi and Brody look thanks to NAF. Nicola



“The muck off spray really is quite unbelievable! I event a Connemara pony called Spider and he has to live out in the summer months as he suffers with a dust allergy. It always seems to kick in at the turn of Spring and he can struggle somewhat with his airways and starts coughing. This year, we were prepared and rang NAF in advance and the lady recommended the Five Star Respiratory Boost. It did just that and seemed to really boost his immune as we had no coughing or airway problems and he has had a great season so far and has been placed in all his events. We also won the BE 80 at Somerford Park over the weekend which was just fantastic. I bath Spider in the 'Show Off' shampoo first then use the 'Shine On' at the competition. After bathing him he is rugged up and turned out, so as you can imagine his head is grubby in the morning but I sponge it over with the 'muck off' spray. They have been great products to use. I have attached a picture so you can see how clean he is!! Photo is courtesy of Action Replay Photography. Kate Collier


Natasha Adkinson

Natasha Adkinson-Para Dressage Rider on the National Lottery funded World Class Podium Potential Squad loves using NAF's Fab Four grooming products to keep her horses looking amazing! Many thanks, Eloise



Katie’s nickname is ‘Hippo’ as she’s a complete mud magnet. Katie’s white legs are a nightmare for Lauren, especially when it’s showing season. Lauren says, “NAF Muck Off was so reasonably priced I decided to give it a go. I was completely blown away by the results, after many less successful attempts with products claiming to do a similar job. It’s affordable, incredible and saves me loads of time! NAF Muck Off is the only ‘stain removing’ product I use now. Would definitely recommend as a staple for your grooming box and an absolute must for anyone who shows!”



The girls washed Mickey with Show Off Shampoo before going to Pony Club and used Muck Off Stain Remover. I was amazed how it really faded the stable stain which was very bad and took yellowness out of his tail to make it whiter than white! Fab stuff especially for greys like Mickey! Nia Wyn Brammer


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