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NAF, Nutritional Advanced Formulas for horses and ponies
Perfectly pink shampoo to clean up dirty ponies
Perfectly pink shampoo to clean up dirty ponies
Perfectly pink shampoo to clean up dirty ponies

Pimp My Pony

For all dirty ponies who want to clean up and stand out from the crowd, we have created this perfect pink shampoo which not only smells fab it cleans deeper and shines brighter. So, to pimp up your pony, add Pimp My Pony Shampoo to your water and work up the suds! Give your pony the wow factor and prepare to be DAZZLED!

Add 20ml Pimp my Pony shampoo per litre of water, or apply directly to wet coat. Work into a lather, avoiding eyes, for a deep conditioning wash and rinse well. Do not apply product to broken or irritated skin. Always rinse well with clean water after application. NAF recommend a small 24hr patch test prior to initial use.

Lucy Quy Pimp My Pony

"My pre show routine would not be without NAF Pimp my Pony. It gets our little Welsh Section A mare sparkly white and smelling amazing. I would not be without it in my show preparation kit, it’s amazing!"


Izzy & Billy

"I love Pimp my Pony Shampoo as it gives my pony a good shine to his coat and gets away all the stubborn muck in winter.”


Lily Mason & Sunny

"I always swear on your Muck Off stain remover to keep my grey more white and less green! I also have him on your Five Star Superflex, it has made such a difference! He had to have a year out for work last year so I really swear on this product to keep him on top form! The Pimp My Pony shampoo is a favourite of mine and keeps my horses not just looking amazing but smelling amazing!"


Charlie & Tyra

"Just wanted to show you a how shiny my gorgeous show hunter is after being bathed with NAF Pimp My Pony! Look at her sparkle!! Thanks!! She looks gorgeous and smells gorgeous too! Her posh name is Swallow Hurst Tyra - Tyra to her pals."


Abigail Adams & Neville

"I just love pink pimp my pony shampoo which not only makes the horse have a super shiny coat but makes them smell sooooo nice!"


Bobbi and Brody

I work for Wynnstay in the Skipton branch and show horses in my spare time. I just wanted to let you know how fabulous the NAF range of cleaning/ grooming products are. My sister and I have 2 grey horses and we would be lost without your fantastic products. We have an Irish Draught Maxi Cob Mare called Newshams Mooncoin ( Bobbi) and a Irish Sports horse who is a Novice Heavyweight Hunter called Mount Rushmore ( Brody). Last September Bobbi was graded by the Irish Draught Society and was graded class 1 she received the highest conformation mare of all the mares graded and the 3 inspectors also commented on her presentation. In 2015 Bobbi had a very successful year and was featured in the Irish Draught Year book with a full page article, she also had a number of other photographs in the year book due to her successes at the Northern, Midlands and South West Irish Draught shows. 2016 has also started out very successful with Bobbi has so far winning 2 supreme of show championships, 6 champions and 3 reserve champions. A number of people ask how we get her so clean and her tail and legs so white! The key to her looking so sparkling clean is we use NAF Pimp my Pony on her body, and for her tail and legs we wash them with NAF Show OFF shampoo. The morning of the show we use NAF Muck OFF on any dirty bits and always put this in her tail even if it is clean as this makes the tail very white! We also regularly use the NAF Shine ON Grooming spray to keep their coats in fab condition. Brody is in his first season showing as Christina badly broke her ankle last year and therefore he was not broken until the end of 2015. Brody’s nickname at home is Mud Monster and he loves to be dirty – this is not helpful when he is 17.2hds and grey! I have attached a photo that shows a usual dirty photo of him. Brody has so far been to 2 shows and won at both these shows and also won a championship and reserve championship. At these shows a number of people asked how we get him so clean! Again we use NAF Show OFF shampoo, NAF Muck Off (on a daily basis) and NAF Shine on Grooming Spray. I have found that the grooming spray really helps to keep his coat clean. Over the years we have used all brands of cleaning and grooming products but NAF is by far the best! We would be lost without your products, they also smell fantastic, we also get a lot of comments at show on how clean and well the horses look. Christina and I are complete amateurs we buy our horses in Ireland as unbroken and usually a little wild 3 years old and break and produce them ourselves. Christina works as an Environmental Consultant specialising in flood risk and resilience so this years has been exceptionally busy for her but we always make time for our horses as they are our passion and it’s great to see they are looking their best and so glad NAF make such good products to help our horses look there best. I have attached photographs so you can see how great Bobbi and Brody look thanks to NAF. Nicola



Pimp My Pony brought up Romeo's white's really white and gave him a really good showing ring shine finish, a 5* product! Muck Off stain remover is literally a life saver for last minute stain removing at show's! Quick and simple and fast acting Jay Page



Candy is grey and a very mucky grey at that! I have recently started using and loving 'Pimp my Pony' shampoo. Everyone always comments on how clean her tail is, I also use your grooming products and treats.



'Mum bought me some Pimp my Pony the other day and I must say its brilliant! I washed his body in Pimp my Pony, legs in the Show Off and then sprayed with the Shine On spray and my ginger horse has never looked so clean! Great products.' Hollie Clarke


Natasha Adkinson

Natasha Adkinson-Para Dressage Rider on the National Lottery funded World Class Podium Potential Squad loves using NAF's Fab Four grooming products to keep her horses looking amazing! Many thanks, Eloise



Monty is nice and clean after being bathed in NAF’s Pimp my Pony shampoo! We will definitely be using this again. Lauren Povey


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