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NAF, Nutritional Advanced Formulas for horses and ponies
Five star on the spot treatment for a calm, focussed horse in an instant
Five star on the spot treatment for a calm, focussed horse in an instant
Five star on the spot treatment for a calm, focussed horse in an instant

Instant Magic

Magic is a natural calmer with a difference. Exclusively trialled and proven, it's a five star formula that contains a unique combination of herbs and bio-available magnesium known to help maintain calm, support concentration and learning. Magnesium is an essential nutrient to a horse's wellbeing, and among its many roles is the regulation of nervous tension and relaxed muscles, however Magic is more than just magnesium. This award winning formulation* also contains a unique blend of herbs which when fed in the right combination with magnesium give repeatable, reliable results in reactive horses. This unique synergistic blend has been independently trialled, with peer-reviewed, published results showing a reduction in inappropriate responses, and an improvement in the horse's cognitive profile, crucially, with no sedation. Click here for further details on this trial. Note: NAF are pleased to confirm that the magnesium used in Magic does not contravene FEI rules and is safe for use in all horses. * BETA Innovation Award Winner, 2019

Magnesium chloride, Glycerine.
Additives (per kg)
Withania tincture 355 ml
Hop tincture 177 ml
Analytical Constituents
Crude protein 0.7%
Crude oils and fats 0.4%
Crude ash 6.8%
Crude fibre 0.1%
Moisture 63.2%
Sodium 0.1%
One syringe 1 - 1.5 hours prior to when calmer required. If necessary, give one syringe the evening before also. Store at room temperature.

Louise Slevin & Mynach Oracle

Instant Magic is the only product that works on our ponies, specifically our Welsh B stallion Mynach Oracle. It keeps him focused and it's completely changed him. He came to me as 'unrideable' and has already attended two shows this year where he has been 1st and Champion. Your product does what it says and I wouldn’t use anything else.


Georgia & Maggie

We use NAF Five Star Instant Magic and it definitely works. When we were out and about, she has gone from being stressed and not able to go forward to now being relaxed and able to walk on buckle end!


Jan Leeder and Kilfinichen Bay Cracker

“Instant Magic has really helped Cracker prepare for his work and it has kept him focussed in the arena. The syringes will be a staple part of our tack box on those all important show days.”


Charlotte Iddon

"Bear With Rupert is a 13 year old ex racehorse who has turned his hoof to showing and dressage. Recently since coming back in to work 6 weeks ago after a year off he had been extremely sensitive and quite spooky. After having a chat with Katie at Oakfield’s Open Day, I purchased and tried him on the NAF Magic powdered calmer and Instant Magic Syringes to use as a top up for his show. WOW is all I can say! He has gone from strength to strength and remains focused on the job at hand. This weekend he competed at his first show in over a year and at a Supreme Showdown, he managed to stay cool, calm and collected to win his four classes, 3 section championships and in hand supreme of day 1. I honestly don't believe we would have been able to get the results if it hadn't been for the NAF Magic and the additional NAF Instant Magic. What an amazing product. These will be definitely be having a place in my feed room and stored in my wagon! 5 star review!!"


Karen Long & Phoenix

"Phoenix is a 10 year old 16hh TB x Connemara whom I have owned for 3 years, he had done a little of everything when I bought him but was still very green. He's a good all rounder but especially loves his jumping and has been competing at affiliated eventing for the last 2 years currently at 100 level. A year ago my instructor picked up that he was struggling slightly with his off side hock and suggested having his hock injected. However, I decided to go down the supplement route first, and tried NAF Five Star Superflex Senior. I didn't have another session with my instructor for the first 6 weeks of using this product, but when she did see him for the first time after starting Superflex Senior she was extremely impressed... Phoenix was showing no signs of a hock issue at all. I've continued to use this product and Phoenix is going better than ever, with the help of an occasional tube of NAF Instant Magic to settle him before his dressage. I also use Five Star PROFEET powder to improve his feet as he can tend to have brittle feet in the summer. I will be continuing with all 3 of these products as they all seem to be doing their job, I've a happy horse so I'm a happy owner!"


Olivia Bevan & Reem

"Reem (pictured) is fed on NAF glucosamine and MSM! It works miracles on his joints and keeps him happy and healthy! We also decided to try the NAF magic syringe on the morning of our show and it worked miracles for Reem! It kept him really calm as he gets extremely excited at shows and he went foot perfect at this show! I 100% recommended using the NAF magic syringe as Itruly believe it works wonders!"



Alison Kenward & Neptune Neptune and I will be competing at BD Regionals in Elementary 59 and Elementary Freestyle, Trailblazers 2nd Round and CTR Magazine Elementary Championships. Instant Magic is very helpful to use in situations where Neptune could feel overwhelmed. I trust NAF products to support my horses at home and at competitions and it's important to me that your range does not contravene FEI rules. When Neptune first arrived we used Magic liquid to help him settle into his new home. Magic helps him to concentrate and to feel confident. These two things are linked for Neptune is a sensitive horse, easily distracted and he can then suddenly find himself under pressure, trying to process his feelings about a particularly scary tree or bird whilst listening to his rider! Once relaxed and focussed on his rider he deals with distractions in a calmer frame of mind. The Instant Magic is ideal when he needs a little extra nutritional support to feel focussed and ready for the buzz of a big show or new venue. I regularly feed Respirator Boost which supports his breathing against the challenges of travel and changing seasons. I found the Instant Magic easy to use and effective.



Natalie Hazeltine & Mash The NAF Instant Calmer is absolutely fabulous!! I used it when I took Mash, my 9yr old (sometimes slightly neurotic) thoroughbred ex racer out to a dressage competition. It was only our third time out at a competition and we came 3rd in our 1st prelim test. I would definitely recommend the product!!


Denise Coles

Denise Coles "I tried NAF Instant Magic syringes and have found that they are amazing! One of my horses is a very stressful traveller and and in the past if you take her out by the time you get anywhere she is so stressed out that it makes it very hard for her to do anything however after giving her an Instant Magic prior to the journey we have gone to a dressage competition where she was fairly chilled and we have managed to take to the beach to ride without it blowing her mind I have also used the Instant Magic on her for clipping to chill her out so from now on they are an item always at hand in the tack room!"


Tosca and Star

Vanessa Hill with her horses Tosca and Star "I love NAF products as I find they really do work I used the Instant Magic on Tosca, who is a very sharp, spooky mare. Having just brought a new wagon, I knew from past experience she would play up the first few times she went on it until she was used to it, then she loads like a dream. Having booked an indoor school, I gave her the Instant Magic, on the fourth attempt she walked up the ramp, stood like a dream whilst I loaded my other and behaved impeccably with the new wagon, a new rider and in a new school, to say I was impressed is an understatement. I also used it before I clipped her for the first time, and was pleased when she just stood there, when in the past we have had to sedate her." "My other horse Star is a typical thin soled TB. Having gone barefoot with her I use Profeet Rock Hard, and her hooves have become less brittle and according to my farrier are now strong, and she can hack out with only hoof boots on her fore hooves and totally bare at the back."


Royal Doulton

Tara Robinson and Paula Robinson Showing team! We would like to say a huge Thank you to NAF for their amazing products I use many of there products on mine and my mums horses our favourite products are the NAF hoof oil which is great for around the shows and lasts ages! I clean all our tack with NAF leather soft soap which is just amazing whenever we buy new tack we always use loads of this to get the leather soft I am also a massive fan of the NAF Instant Magic calmer it is great for evening performances and shows where the atmosphere is "electric" we mainly use the Instant Magic calmer on Royal Doulton aged 20 our home produced large hack (he has a proven recorded in the showing world including 1st RIHS , 2nd HOYS , 1st and champion at equifest and 1st and supreme champion at 15+ national championship the calmer is excellent for him as he can get very excited at equifest in the evening performance I would recommend the Instant Magic calmer it is the best on the market that really does work! We also use in the pink senior powder for our home produced Fell Hedgethorpe April Morning aged 15 (who also has a proven recored in the showing world including 1st & reserve champion at Ponies UK , 1st NCPA pony of the year show we have had a successful showing season since with many placing at major shows including the Great Yorkshire Show and many more Royal Doulton also gets the pink senior powder It is great to keep veterans moving supple and free I would defiantly recommend NAF products they are great products which really do work!



Willem van Oranje (stable name Willem) a 12 year old chestnut gelding, 16.3. KWPN. Although Willem is really laid back at home and will do a lovely test under normal circumstances he does get nervous at the bigger events especially indoors. It all started a few years ago when he experienced some scary moments during one of the (BD) championships. This resulting in Willem becoming unpredictable, especially during arena walks where I would always be looking for an escape route. When doing a test with a crowd he would just go into himself so you end up coaching him round. This is especially sad as he is such a great person otherwise and I hate to see a horse so unsure. I was dreading going into the main arena at Hartpury for an arena walk. I had often heard about Instant Magic but being from a pharmaceutical background perhaps slightly sceptical having already tried some "other calmers" with no result. Thinking I have come all this way, why not try Instant Magic - so I bought a pack. I was advised it works pretty quickly and with nothing to lose "why not try it and see the response" with the biggest test of all, the arena walk. Well it was magic, initially Willem was a little apprehensive but within minutes ended up walking round on the end of the buckle. Armed with another tube the following day for the test he went into the arena much more relaxed and I didn't have to coach him around, he even coped with the applause. What was most important to me is that Willem came out of that arena a much more happy and confident horse. So thank you Instant Magic. I will be using it again in the future. Ida de Fouw



I wanted to take the time to write this email to say a massive thank to your Nutritional Helpline. I had my new horse arriving in three weeks and wanted to make sure that I made it a smooth transition for both of us and also wanted to make sure I was meeting all his feeding requirements. I could not have asked for anyone more helpful and full of great advice. Having been told George can easily be on his toes in new situations and could find the move stressful, I was advised to try Instant Magic. I gave this to George a couple of hours before he travelled and when he arrived he was as calm as a cucumber and did not bat an eyelid, taking everything in his stride. His previous owners could not believe how well he settled into his new home already. Thank you so much for fantastic advice and I am going to continue to use Magic liquid to help with all his new experiences. Lastly I would like to add I was very impressed with the interest that was taken to get to know myself and my new horse. Emma Anne Walker



Eric is a 22 year old ex-racehorse with whom we regularly compete at dressage and have moved from Intro to Prelim to Novice. He is often placed and has progressed really well since starting this discipline 2 years ago. We have been feeding him NAF Magic for the last ten years and would highly recommend it and indeed have done to friends. He sometimes gets an Instant Magic syringe before a competition too as he can be highly strung at times and can get worked up before an event. Lucy Telford


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