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NAF, Nutritional Advanced Formulas for horses and ponies
Formulated to support the anti-inflammatory process
Formulated to support the anti-inflammatory process
Formulated to support the anti-inflammatory process

Metazone Syringe

Formulated specifically to support the anti-inflammatory process, NAF Five Star Metazone is an effective Five Star nutraceutical for the management of horses who need something extra.

Metazone is made up of a synergistic blend of ingredients that target the support of natural anti-inflammatory pathways. The plant based phytochemicals that make up this product support these pathways wherever they are needed in the body, whether that be for joints, feet, tendons, ligaments, muscles or skin. For those who compete, it is formulated to be competition safe with no withdrawal time, which means it can be fed every day or as needed to keep your horse ‘in the zone’.

• Supports your horse’s anti-inflammatory responses throughout the body
• Stay sound through peak competition
• Suitable for daily use when comfort is key, making daily sachets a thing of the past
• Gut kind - designed to work effectively without compromising gut health
• Can be fed alongside any other NAF product

Magnesium chloride, Rosehip shells, Omicha berries, Bark (Peony), Oregano herbal blend, Calcium carbonate, Monoglycerides of fatty acids (oleic acid).
Milk thistle tincture 158 ml
Peony tincture 655 ml
Rose (Rosehip) tincture 158 ml
Analytical Constituents
Crude protein <0.6%
Crude fat <0.3%
Crude ash 0.5%
Crude fibre <0.1%
Moisture 93.1%
Sodium 0.04%
Administer directly, as signs dictate. Peak Rate can be used when increased need is recognized, i.e. when signs dictate, travel, peak competition, or when advised by your veterinary surgeon. A complementary feed for equine use only.
Horses & Ponies  
Peak Rate: 1 syringe morning and evening
Standard Rate: 1 syringe daily

Jen Attrill

"Metazone has made a huge difference to my pony. He’s literally gone from hardly moving in his stable to bouncing off the walls!"


Twilly Whitehouse & April

"April has been the most wonderful all-rounder all her life and now at 29 years of age she is determined to continue to be an active member of the equine team - retirement is definitely not for her. She loves her gentle hacks with her friends two or three times a week but we began to notice that she was getting a little stiffer and just finding things a little more difficult, up and down hills for example. We put her on a trial of NAF’s Five Star Metazone and almost immediately noticed that she was more comfortable. The product was palatable and easy to feed and we have now dropped her down to maintenance rate which we feed daily. She is so happy and well and walks out with a spring in her step now. We simply would not want to be without Metazone."


Sarah Higgins Metazone

"As the competition season becomes more and more intense, the fitness and wellbeing of the horses after each competition has never been as important. With quick turnarounds from one show to the next, NAF Five Star Metazone has been effective and influential in making sure each of my horses have managed to stay feeling as fit and well as possible. This has helped us to continue to improve their results as the seasons go on."


Hughes Dressage

"We have been feeding NAF’s Five Star Metazone for a couple of years now. We started feeding it to Sintano before he flew out to Tokyo and we were delighted with how well he coped with the journey and his workload. We fed the product at the recommended peak feeding rate between Tokyo and the European Championships back in 2021 and Metazone helped Sintano to maintain condition and energy levels. Knowing that it has been formulated to be competition safe is always reassuring too. Subsequently, we now feed Metazone to all of our horses who are working, training and competing hard; reducing the dose to maintenance if they are resting and increasing it again as the workload increases. In particular, we are using the product for Goldstrike who Gareth is going to be campaigning at Grand Prix this year, for Wex, Ruby's new Young Rider horse and of course for our star Briolinca who performed so well at the London International Horse Show recently. Metazone is a wonderful product that we would not want to be without and it definitely keeps our horses ‘in the zone’."


Heathcroft Farm

"NAF Five Star Metazone is one of our essential products at Heathcroft Farm. We tend to feed it predominantly at shows and during long strenuous journeys as we find it helps the horses muscles to relax, recover and regain maximum movement. This is vital to us all as it means that the horses are able to perform to the best of their abilities."


Dr Philip Dale

"As I moved my event horse further up the levels and his level of jumping effort increased, I started feeding NAF Five Star Metazone daily with a view to combating stiffness after work. I have been amazed by the results, with the horse coming out fresh and enthusiastic in his work as well as a notable improvement in producing clear rounds at competitions."


Alan Davies Metazone

"After having trialled NAF’s Five Star Metazone over the past couple of years, I have found it to be an essential aid in keeping Carl and Charlotte’s horses in peak condition. Metazone has been especially beneficial for recovery after a busy competition as well as keeping the horses feeling their best with the huge amount of travelling they do. In 2021, we of course had the long trip to Tokyo and just four weeks later, we had to be ready for another big Championship in Germany. I fed Metazone prior to travelling whilst the horses were in quarantine and also on the journey. It comes in liquid, powder and syringe form which is extremely useful depending on what your horse prefers and I found the liquid and syringe easy to feed when in transit. With the help of Metazone, the horses were able to travel the world and perform at their peak."


Yasmin Ingham

"NAF’s Five Star Metazone is a staple of my feed room. During the event season, when my horses are competing and training hard, as well as travelling many hours in the lorry, I have found that with Metazone, they come out of an event or a training session feeling much fresher and bounce back much quicker than before. I feed this to all of my horses, alongside NAF Superflex for joint flexibility, and they really do feel amazing."


Emma Dunkley & Alfstead

"At the ripe old age of 23, my retired dressage horse Alfstead (Ted to his friends) is still full of life and energy and loves to have a gentle work out in the school a couple of times a week alongside strolling around the countryside with his apprentice Harley by his side. I noticed that he was beginning to come out of his stable a little more tight and stiff in the mornings and that whilst his enthusiasm hadn't waned he was certainly feeling a bit more 'old'. I jumped at the chance to try NAF's Five Star Metazone which is formulated to help in these situations and I have been thrilled with the results. Ted seems to have shed years and is back to his younger self - he comes out of his stable with minimal signs of stiffness now and positively bounces into the school and marches down the road. I keep him on the maintenance dose of the product and feed it daily. I would recommend this product to anyone in a similar situation - it is just great to see Ted enjoying his golden years again."


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