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NAF, Nutritional Advanced Formulas for horses and ponies
Formulated by farriers for every hoof. Ideal for maintaining sound hooves, encouraging growth and healthy horn all year round.
Formulated by farriers for every hoof. Ideal for maintaining sound hooves, encouraging growth and healthy horn all year round.
Formulated by farriers for every hoof. Ideal for maintaining sound hooves, encouraging growth and healthy horn all year round.

Farrier Solution by PROFEET

PROFEET Farrier Solution

A dense liquid hoof application packaged in a handy container with a brush included for convenience and cleanliness. Comfortably sits in your hand while being able to apply with ease. The solution is drip free, so you should have no wastage throughout each use, providing an economical solution to total hoof care. Ideal for your tack box, taking with you on show days or simply sat by your stable for continual use. What’s more, the natural brush means no leaching of chemicals into the product from plastic bristles, helping to preserve the contents for use.

Ideal for maintaining sound hooves, encouraging growth and healthy horn all year round. Recommended for those with poor hoof quality or when ridden days are lost due to the age old saying, ‘No foot, No horse.’

A hoof dressing rich in emollients providing a nourishing blend high in fatty acids. Expertly blended to enable penetration into the horn and help prevent premature cracking and drying, as well as protecting the hoof capsule from the outside in. Ultimately helping to defend the hoof against risks from exposure to water.

Helping to form a natural barrier making it difficult for unwanted bacteria to travel up the hoof wall and create an anaerobic environment. Farrier Solution by PROFEET gives farriers hooves to work with, and horses strong, healthy feet.

Please note that the PROFEET Farrier Solution Twin Pack Promotion 2 x 450ml is not available outside of the UK.

HORSE OWNERS: Apply daily to the hoof horn and sole to maintain healthy hooves all year round.
FARRIERS: Apply to finish the shoeing process and to support a trim from visit to visit.
For animal use only. For external use only. Do not apply product to broken or irritated skin. Apply product to a small test area 24 hrs prior to initial use. Replace lid after use. Store in a cool dry place.

Philippa Jayne Kermotschuk & Mr Wiggins

“My ex racehorse Mr Wiggins has typically poor hooves so my farrier recommended NAF Farrier Solution about 12 months ago. I’ve used it almost daily since and it has absolutely changed Wiggins’ hooves, it’s now very rare he loses a shoe, it’s made a huge difference.”


Julia Hicks

"We have very dry, sandy soil and my horses have always tended to have slightly tatty feet. Whilst they hold the shoes fine and there were no major cracks, bits used to break off around the old nail holes and the hooves wouldn't look as good as I would like. Over the years I have tried many different hoof care products and l can safely say that PROFEET Farrier Solution is the best I’ve found. Last summer, having applied Farrier Solution every day, their feet looked the best they ever have, despite the incredibly hot dry weather. I would definitely recommend it!” Photo by Steve Wood Photographer


Kelly Grant & Popcorn

"Farrier Solution has helped keep my horse's hooves moisturised in this extremely dry weather and kept them healthy.”


Rachel Kavanagh & Luna

“I absolutely love the NAF PROFEET Pellets and the Farrier Solution! My horse has had historically terrible feet, and struggles to keep shoes on, but not any more! My farrier is overjoyed, and my horse is sound and happy. Thanks NAF!”


Dafydd Buncombe

“I love the non-drip and a little goes a long way, I’d go so far to say it’s better if you use sparingly and it’s great for whatever colour of hoof.”


Caroline & Desi

Without a doubt PROFEET has allowed me to keep Desi in work; no hoof no horse is a very true saying and PROFEET has saved Desi’s hooves. Last summer, Desi was pulling his shoes off on a weekly basis and we made the decision to try keeping him barefoot. He was already on the PROFEET Pellets and we'd seen an improvement in hoof growth which my farrier had commented on too, but his shoe pulling was causing problems. Once the shoes were off we added the Farrier Solution and Rock Hard to Desi's hoofcare routine and have not looked back. His old shod hoof has nearly fully grown out & his foot balance is so much better.


Abigail Sparkes & Milo

"Milo’s hooves have been in fantastic condition since using PROFEET Farrier Solution. It’s really easy to apply even in colder weather and it gives hooves a beautiful shine."


Louise Sherman

"I use PROFEET Farrier Dressing to maintain my horse’s hooves and the PROFEET Farrier Solution prize is handy to keep in the tack box for making his feet look smart for 'special' days."


El Sands & Fitz

"Fitz’s hooves look so healthy after a few weeks using PROFEET Farrier Solution. It’s quick and easy to apply using the built in brush and paints on smoothly. It has protected against the cracks which usually appear when the seasons change like no other product we’ve tried!"


Peter Knowles & Eddie

"Eddie suffers from poor hoof quality particularly in his fore feet. So far the PROFEET Farrier Solution seems to be making a real difference with the hoof looking stronger and healthier."


Hazel Hayes & Vinnie

"I have been using PROFEET Farrier Solution for a few weeks now and I love it. It goes on well and having the brush in the lid keeps everything clean. Vinnie’s hooves are nice and moisturised."


Jo Kaye & Jasper

Since using the solution my Farrier has remarked how good his feet are looking! A must have for the my grooming box from now on, his feet look so smart!!


Jo Williams

Absolutely love this product, feeds the feet perfectly and lasts as a dressing for so long. Cannot wait to be able to go showing and competing again and to use this product in the ring.


Lucy Counsell

"We have had terrible feet issues this year. The incredibly wet February with a very dry May onwards meant we had serious feet growth issues. The foot was crumbly and not growing. We were struggling to get shoes on as the nails wouldn’t stay in."

"This is now - you can see the new foot growth with 3 months of using Pro Feet. The heel is less under run and the quality of the foot has improved exponentially. We actually have decent foot for the shoes."


Joanne Masterson & Lewis

"Lewis has to be shod every 4 weeks and we’ve struggled over the years to find a product that encourages quality hoof growth. He has been on PROFEET for 5 weeks and the last time he was shod the farrier had plenty to trim. His feet look in excellent condition, nails are still tight and no sign of splits round the nails. PROFEET and a daily application of Farrier Solution are helping to improve the quality of his hooves and have them looking in top condition and we wouldn’t be without either in our tack room."


Carol Parker & Apollo

"We've been battling a crack since June 2019 so decided to try PROFEET. I'm now on tub number 3 of PROFEET and been using PROFEET Farrier Solution. As you can see the results speak for themselves!"


Irene Blake

"Using Farrier Solution by PROFEET was quick, easy and convenient and was far less greasy than other products. It penetrated the hoof wall well too. The screw top handle makes applying the liquid so easy. The consistency of the liquid is first rate - it stays on the brush without dripping everywhere and seems to stay put once applied to the hoof wall."


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