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Five Star treatment for strong healthy hooves
Five Star treatment for strong healthy hooves
Five Star treatment for strong healthy hooves


PROFEET supplements are unique in that they not only provide nutrients to directly support hoof health, they also provide nutritional support that helps target healthy liver function, which, in turn is fundamental to healthy hoof growth. Biotin is combined with a rich sulphur complex of methionine, lysine and MSM, minerals including calcium and zinc, and a broad spectrum of naturally sourced amino acids and essential fatty acids. Developed by veterinary scientists, with the assistance of leading farriers, PROFEET offers the most concentrated, fast acting, nutritional support for quality hoof growth. The aforementioned nutrients in PROFEET work in synergy with the naturally sourced anti-oxidant ingredients in the formula to provide a hoof supplement that out performs all those that came before

Water, Methyl sulphonyl methane, Dextrin, Maltodextrin.
Additives (per ltr)
-Lysine monohydrochloride 3.2.3 49,000 mg
Hydroxy analogue of methionine 3c307 34,000 mg
Manganous sulphate, monohydrate E5 (5,000mg) 1,550 mg Manganese
Zinc sulphate, monohydrate E6 (10,000mg) 3,500 mg Zinc
Biotin 3a880 1,000 mg
Calcium-D-pantothenate 3a841 980 mg
Vitamin B6 3a831 1,360 mg
Vitamin C 3a300 40,000 mg
Blueberry 20.8 ml
Milk thistle 46.8 ml
Rose(rosehip) 41.6 ml
Turmeric 26 ml
Analytical Constituents
Crude protein 5.1%
Crude oils and fats <0.3%
Crude ash 0.9%
Crude fibre 0.1%
Moisture 67.6%
Sodium 0.03%
Feed PROFEET on recommendation from your farrier to stamp out bad feet and maintain healthy hooves.
Horses ml per day
600 kg + 30
400 - 600 kg 25
Low Maintenance 15
Ponies 15
Low Maintenance 10

Ben Edwards

One of my favourite NAF products is NAF Five Star PROFEET because it keeps my horse's feet in the best condition to perform at his best, and NAF Five Star Magic enables me to have my horse's full concentration when performing at his peak.


Harry Atkinson

Harry has weak hooves due to metabolic issues he encountered at the age of 4. We have put him in heart bar shoes and fed PROFEET Liquid to aid with hoof growth and strength. My farrier made the comment in October, ?What have you changed in Harry's diet because his feet are much stronger and have grown quite considerably! Whatever it is, you need to continue with it?.



Zac, owned by Mrs C Eddolls. Shane Hobbs, DIP WCF has been shoeing Zac for the past three years. He grew a very poor quality of horn and it was prone to cracking and crumbling, despite a well-balanced diet, additives, oils and dressings. Shane was having to shoe him every four weeks. Mrs Eddolls decided to try feeding PROFEET. Says Shane ?Now he?s on PROFEET, Zac grows a far better quality of horn, and we are able to leave six to eight weeks between shoeings? Says Mrs C Eddolls ?Within three months of using PROFEET, Zac?s hooves were transformed! I can?t recommend the product highly enough; it?s brilliant and completely lives up to it?s promise. Thank you NAF!?


Marc Jerram

I have trialled PROFEET on a sports horse that has quite weak feet. I am impressed by the results at this early stage, the horse has retained his shoes through this shoeing cycle and the quality of horn has significantly improved. I have attached photos of his latest shoeing. Marc Jerram BSc Hons AWCF Master Farrier



?DJ has always had to be shod in front due to poor feet, since being on PROFEET, the quality has improved so much he can now happily go unshod. This has not only improved the appearance it is also cheaper! His hooves seem to be growing much better and stronger, the hoof quality has improved greatly. We would recommend PROFEET to anyone looking for support with their horse?s feet. Thank you NAF!?



When I got Davey, his feet were terrible, they were very flat, wide and weak! We tried specialist shoes, pads, no shoes, anything we could do to try to get his feet in a better state. He was having to have his feet done every four weeks and shoes were falling off weekly due to his hoof being so weak. For around the last 8 months I have been using PROFEET and alongside the wonderful effort from my farrier, Davey now has good feet, shoes are staying on well into 6 weeks and not falling off. The difference in the quality of his hoof is brilliant. I have never been one for supplements but I would HIGHLY recommend anyone to use PROFEET if they are having trouble with their horses hooves!! Thank you NAF! Karen Nicholls



I own a young dressage horse with poor feet. She kept losing shoes and the farrier said if we lost another he wouldn?t be able to replace it as her feet were weak and with repeatedly losing the shoe, had broken a lot of foot. He suggested we buy a hoof supplement, as although she grows foot it is not good quality. I have a good friend who owns Wheatley Farm Shop and she is a NAF stockist. She recommended trying ProFeet as it worked for her horse. I have been amazed at the difference in the quality of the hoof that has begun to grow down. There has been no other change in her diet except the supplement, possibly there is some improvement in the grass, but none of the other horses have any noticeable difference in their hoof growth. I have sent some pictures as I think they clearly show the change! Tiggi Bentley



My name is Mark and back in 2011 I bought my first horse Kingfisher, he was a very green five year old but had bags of potential and a great attitude. That winter I hacked him out when I was home from college to get him going, then summer came round. I had already decided I wanted to event myself and he may just be the horse to get me there, but I knew I had to get him out to see the world of competition. Unfortunately, being a thoroughbred cross he had poor and very dry feet and the Appaloosa in him meant he had spongy soles, this made no difference in winter but in summer I was very lucky to keep shoes on him more than two weeks at a time. Not only this, but every time he travelled and was on different ground it meant his shoes would either become loose or cast. It proved to be a nightmare, I couldn?t get him out as much as I wanted, his fittening and schooling work was drastically reduced. I knew I need to improve his feet if I was ever going to event so I asked at the local tack shop, they spoke to one of your Area Sales Managers and they advised PROFEET. I have been feeding PROFEET for three years now and the difference my farrier and I have seen in his feet is just amazing; he now goes the full 6 weeks between shoeing even in summer and travels around Yorkshire and surrounding areas very rarely losing shoes. It has enabled us to train and compete regularly. I would highly recommend PROFEET to anybody who is having foot and shoeing issues! Mr M Holmes. Photography: GROSSICK PHOTOGRAPHY


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