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NAF, Nutritional Advanced Formulas for horses and ponies
Soothing blend of herbal ingredients for naturally healthy skin
Soothing blend of herbal ingredients for naturally healthy skin
Soothing blend of herbal ingredients for naturally healthy skin

Love the SKIN hes in Skin Wash

This totally natural skin wash offers the premium skin care your horse’s skin deserves. Love the SKIN he’s in Skin Wash is a gentle unique blend of herbal ingredients, including Aloe Vera, designed to help support damaged or challenged skin affected by lumps, bumps, rashes or mild irritations. This 3 in 1 product provides optimum skin care whichever way you choose to use it on your horse. Either as a hot towel wash following clipping or for a deep clean, as a cold wash for a refreshing cleanse to lift sweat, grease and dust from the coat, or applied directly to the skin in a concentrated form to address specific areas requiring attention. Every 1L bottle of love the SKIN he’s in Skin Wash comes with a FREE NAF Deep Cleansing Towel.

Hot Towel Wash - Perfect for a deep clean, or following clipping. Mix 1 capful in 5L of hot water (not boiling). Soak NAF Deep Cleansing Towel in water and wring out until just damp. Use a circular motion to work firmly into the coat.
Cool Wash - Cleansing and refreshing after exercise. Recommended to support healthy skin especially when challenged by seasonal reactions. Mix 2 capfuls in 10L of cold water and use to wash the horse down using a sponge. Remove excess with a sweat scraper
Concentrated use - Use undiluted for stubborn areas or specific lumps. Pour Skin Wash onto a sponge or cloth and apply directly to affected area. For best results use NAF Deep Cleansing Towel. Leave to dry
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Sophie Reason & Angelina

"Our favourite NAF products would have to be the Love the SKIN hes in Skin Wash, NAF off Extra Effect fly repellent and the Brighter Than White. The skin wash is great for my horses as they have very sensitive skin so, I try and use this wash daily after they have been exercised. The Brighter Than White powder is great for whitening their legs the day before the competition; it's so easy to use and is very effective."


Carrie-Anne Adams & Dan

"Our favourite NAF product would definitely be the Love the SKIN he’s in Skin Wash. The skin wash is great for my horse, he is often itchy and has very sensitive skin so I find this is great to hot cloth him with and wash him down after exercise."


Rosie McAuley & Moon

"Attached are a few pics of Moon having his spring shower with the love the skin he's in. It cleaned his grease perfectly and the citronella smell is perfect for the flies that are about this hot Bank Holiday! I've also used it as a hot towel wash when he's clipped and his coat is very shiny going into spring!"


Claire Davidson & Gem

"We live in Scotland and at this time of year it's far too cold to get hosed down after work so after a workout nothing beats a hot cloth rub down with NAF Love the Skin. It ensures all sweat and grease is removed and leaves Gem shiny, clean and comfortable. I feel confident knowing her skin is free from irritation and she won't be cold and wet in her stable."


Amy Harwood & Saffie

"This is Saffie she is a 16 year old welsh x warmblood mare who I have owned for the last 10 years. We absolutely love your products and use a wide range of them on a daily basis. Our favourites have to be the Superflex Senior which keeps Saffie supple and sound but we absolutely adore the love the skin he’s in wash. It’s great to use after clipping but also for wiping her over after riding to remove any sweat and grease using the cleansing cloth. The shine and softness she is left with after using your products is amazing! Thankyou for keeping my horse looking and feeling so great! We couldn’t do it without you!"


Soli and Harry

Sarah Penney with Soli and Harry. I use your products on a daily basis both at the stables and whilst I'm out competing. My favourite product currently is 'NAF Love the skin he's in Wash' as it smells absolutely amazing and I always use it after clipping. Image Credit: Graham Penney



Annabel Carthy & Henry My favourite product is Love The Skin he's In. It's so important to make sure your horse is sweat free and clean after work, and Love the Skin he's In ensures they will not have any irritation or get sores next time you ride as any dirt has been lifted. It is also very useful to use after my horse, Henry, has been clipped. Any small hairs that have not been brushed off are quickly removed by the deep cleansing cloth included, and the skin is rehydrated by the Aloe Vera it contains. This means the coat is left shiny and fresh, looking fantastic! Henry has sensitive skin so Love the Skin he's In is a great product to use, as I can rely on it not to create any lumps or bumps after use. It comes in a handy bottle so I can take it to events with me, as well as keep it in my buckets at home, ready to use every day!


Moonbeg Boy

Safia Woodward with Moonbeg Boy were 3rd in the P.C Championship Open Show Jumping and also competed in the PC Open Eventing Championships. “As a typical sensitive ginger Moonbeg Boy loves your Love The Skin He’s In, uses NAF Five Star Respirator boost all summer and also a bit NAF Five Star Magic Calmer for his dressage!”



I can't thank NAF enough; we have finally found a product that works on my dressage horses skin! Zous has always struggled with very sensitive skin which is not easy to deal with. He is my competition horse so keeping his skin and coat looking healthy and glossy is a vital part to our performance. Bath time and washing off was always a big worry as we never knew when he would flare up in a rash or bumps; but now with NAFs skin wash we can clean his coat everyday after exercise and never have to worry about any nasty flare ups. Now he just sparkles in front of the judges! Vikki Pengilly and Zous



I use LTSHI SKIN Wash on my horse after clipping and at least twice a month for his baths. Before using this product his skin would often get bumpy but this doesn’t occur since using the Wash. He also loves the red cloths that come with your Skin Wash; before we go in to do his test we have to use it to wipe the sweat from around his ears and eyes. Georgia Herbert



I have never in my life been so excited about hot clothing!! I diluted one capful with 5 litres of hot water, dunked in my NAF towel, wrung it out and worked it into the coat in circular motions. The cloth is luxurious, much nicer than the old flannel I normally use and a great size, it's much bigger than I expected, I worked this softly into Oscar's coat and it bought out all the grease, clipper oil and loose hairs perfectly, leaving him sparklingly clean! Jessica and Oscar


Paul Scott

“I started using NAF Love the Skin He’s In Wash on a new horse I bought about 12 months ago. He had very sensitive, scurfy, lumpy, dry skin. In fact when I had him vetted the vet advised I didn’t buy him as in her opinion ‘his skin condition would cause more problems in the future’, he was also difficult to clip due to his sensitivity. I started using NAF Love The Skin Wash on him firstly every day after exercise and then diluted in water whenever he was washed off, but especially after work. His skin has improved beyond recognition, the bumps have disappeared and he is MUCH less sensitive, to the degree where he is now so much easier to clip. From a horse that had the dullest coat in the yard he now shines as much as my boots!” Paul Scott



Max is a 14 year old Blue Skewbald Gelding, he has pink skin and is very sensitive. Being an Irish Draught cross he is clipped all year round as he gets too hot for the work that he does. We find bathing him down after clipping with Love the SKIN he’s In Wash is brilliant, it keeps his skin in great condition and lovely and clean. We also use Silky Mane and Tail Spray again because we find this product very gentle for his skin. Teresa Tickle


Emily Baldwin

“Rinwood Cooley has had dreadful skin ever since I bought him and the only way to keep his skin under control is by feeding him Love the Skin he’s In Supplement and rinsing him in the Love the Skin He’s In Wash every time I ride him. He’s now got a fabulous shine on his coat and he’s been double clear every time out this year!”



I would just like to express my extreme satisfaction with your new “Love The Skin He’s In” range. My horse has very sensitive skin and your products have helped us no end on a daily basis. The wash and supplement has improved her skin and reduced the likelihood of the issues occurring. She is no longer as itchy and scabby and is much happier. Thank you so much! Rachel O’Shea


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