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NAF Introduces Natural VetCare
NAF Introduces Natural VetCare
NAF Introduces Natural VetCare
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Supports the health and efficiency of red blood cells and energy metabolism
Supports the health and efficiency of red blood cells and energy metabolism
Supports the health and efficiency of red blood cells and energy metabolism

EnerG Shot

EnerG Shot is a concentrated nutritional blend of essential amino acids and bio-available iron to support energy metabolism and red blood cell production. It comes in an easy to administer syringe, making it easy to feed when most needed. EnerG Shot contains a unique, scientifically advanced formulation that provides a combination of amino acids including the first limiting amino acid, lysine. These are key to energy and performance, in that they are utilised for energy, particularly in the muscles, during exercise. While supporting the increased need for energy at times of peak performance, EnerG Shot also fulfils the requirement for increased levels of iron needed for healthy red blood cell production, maintaining performance and focus. EnerG Shot is designed for use when needed, so is ideal for competition or training. For daily support of optimum energy metabolism in working horses feed Liquid EnerG

Water, Maize starch (pre-gelatinised
Additives (per syringe)
/-Arginine 3c3.6.1 3,300 -3,500 mg
/-Lysine, monohydrochloride 3.2.3 3,300 -3,500 mg
l-Phenylalanine 3,400 - 4,000 mg
Glycine 3,400 - 4,000 mg
Analytical Constituents
Crude protein 55.9%
Crude oils and fats 0.5%
Crude ash 0.2%
Crude fibre 0.1%
Moisture 32.6%
Sodium <0.01%
Horses & Ponies feed 1 syringe on an empty stomach, 1½ - 2hrs before required (½ syringe for small ponies). Do not exceed recommended level

Kitty Dingley & Micky

"After a challenging weekend with Micky competing on the Saturday in British dressage in three separate classes, we knew micky was going to need a pick me up; especially with a four hour gap in between dressage and show jumping. During dressage, micky felt amazing and then went sleepy during his break but soon perked up when he had his boost of enerG shot! He flew around show jumping and didn’t even want to stop during cross country. A firm favourite in the Micky Finn team and we will certainly be using again!! Roll on the rest of the eventing season!"



Solli, a Show Arabian and Mooney a Welsh pony owned by Katie O'Brian Before Mooney becomes very tired whilst competing with Katie's daughter at Pony Club and Solli needs an extra boost to make him stand out from the crowd. After Says Katie, "I use the EnerG liquid and the EnerG shots to give Solli and Mooney an extra boost. Mooney has had some very good results with my daughter since she has been on EnerG. While Solli has gained 2 Championships and 3 Reserves this season along with numerous wins on our first season out together. I cannot rate EnerG enough!"



Satisfaction ridden by Angela Westgarth Before: Says Angela, "I always use EnerG shots before a big competition, as it gives Satisfaction the sparkle he needs to win." After: Angela and Satisfaction winner of the Novice Restricted at the NAF British Dressage Winter Championships



I have been using NAF EnerG for a number of years for my mare Tia, whom I compete with in all riding club activities and BS amateur classes. I feed EnerG Liquid during the hot months when she is working hard and competing regularly, as well as using the EnerG Shots at competitions. They give Tia that bit of extra spark and focus without heating her up, and she recovers so much more quickly after a hard day's work. I always ensure these vital products are in my lorry - without them, it can be hard work! Sara Bryant Photocredit - www.jumpforit.co.uk


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