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NAF, Nutritional Advanced Formulas for horses and ponies
Powerful unique formula to support senior joints and provide flexibility for life
Powerful unique formula to support senior joints and provide flexibility for life
Powerful unique formula to support senior joints and provide flexibility for life

Valegro unveiled as the new face of NAF Five Star Superflex Senior Tell Me More

Valegro unveiled as the new face of NAF Five Star Superflex Senior

An exciting new look is unveiled today for consumer favourite, NAF Five Star Superflex Senior. Valegro, the dressage superstar who captivated the world and broke record after record, is the new face of this powerful supplement that offers horses Five Star Treatment for joint health. Fed on Superflex Senior daily, Valegro was the obvious choice as the new face of the product.

Joint health is important for both leisure and performance horses alike, no matter their age or discipline. The joints category has benefitted from more scientific study than many others and the Veterinary and Nutrition teams at NAF have taken this evidence based nutrition and combined it with their expertise of ingredients to create a range of Five Star Superflex products that are quite simply, for the good of the horse. The effective, unique synergistic blend of ingredients that makes up Superflex Senior has been formulated to provide targeted nutrition for maintenance of senior joints and older horses and ponies.

Joint care is a complex, multifactorial consideration and Superflex Senior provides the key joint support nutrients alongside omega 3 fatty acids and naturally sourced antioxidants which are particularly important for the joint stresses that affect our older equine friends. Alongside his rider, Charlotte Dujardin, Valegro won three Olympic Gold medals as well as numerous European and World titles. He also still holds the world records in all three Grand Prix tests, an outstanding achievement when you consider that this wonder horse retired from competition in 2016.

Twenty-one-year-old Valegro remains based at Carl Hester's yard in Gloucestershire and is still exercised on a regular basis to keep him fit and flexible. Co-owner, Carl, was delighted when he first saw the new label in the flesh.

Carl said "I remember the first time I saw Valegro. This beautiful dished head came over the door and it's lovely to see one of his stunning headshots on Superflex Senior. Myself and the team at NAF spent some time looking for the perfect shot with our photographer Jess and we hope that everyone loves this one as much as we do.

"Feeding for joint health is crucial for ensuring that we provide the right support for our horses and the Five Star Superflex product range allows us to do just that. Valegro gave us so much throughout his competitive career and Superflex Senior is the supplement of choice for helping him to maintain an active lifestyle as he gets older. It provides the right nutrition at the right levels, giving him flexibility for life."

Superflex Senior

NAF Five Star Superflex Senior is a unique formulation providing high specification key joint support nutrients for horses. The effective, unique synergistic blend of ingredients that makes up Superflex Senior has been formulated to provide targeted nutrition for the maintenance of senior joints and older horses and ponies. Superflex Senior provides key joint support nutrients working in synergy with natural sources of omega 3 fatty acids and naturally sourced antioxidants which are particularly important for the joint stresses that affect our older equine friends.

Whether still competing, regularly hacking out, or enjoying a quieter life, Superflex Senior is our recommended choice to maintain joint integrity and soundness in older horses and ponies.

• High specification evidence-based joint support nutrients
• Clean Sport credentials and BETA NOPS accredited for equine athletes*

Recommended by leading riders, including Olympic Gold medallist Carl Hester MBE. Carl says “Valegro gave us so much throughout his competitive career and Superflex Senior is the supplement of choice for helping him to maintain an active lifestyle as he gets older.”

* Check relevant authorities if racing or competing abroad outside of FEI guidelines.

Glucosamine (from fermentation), Methyl sulphonyl methane, Bark (Peony), Chia seeds, Algae (dried, spirulina), Seaweed meal, Chondroitin sulphate, Vegetable oil (Linseed oil, crude), Hyaluronic acid, Sodium chloride.
Additives (per kg)
Amino acids
L-Glutamine (3c451) 25,000 mg
Fumaric Acid (1a297) 30 mg
Key Ingredients per 44g
Glucosamine sulphate 2KCl 14,380 mg
MSM 14,380 mg
Antioxidants (plant based) 13,600 mg
L-Glutamine 1,100 mg
Chondroitin sulphate 170 mg
Hyaluronic acid 85 mg
Omega 3s 2.9%
Analytical Constituents
Crude protein 17.7%
Crude oils and fats 5.6%
Crude ash 12.0%
Crude fibre 2.6%
Sodium 0.3%
Feed Superflex Senior to maintain healthy, flexible joints in hard working senior horses and ponies.
Horses & Ponies g per day scoops per day
Loading rate (3-10 days) 44 6
Standard Maintenance 22 3

Janine & Bibi

"I have fed NAF Five Star Superflex Senior for a few years to my older Friesian and found it made a difference at her age of 21. I also feed it to my younger horse as she is in medium-hard work and have found it helps massively. As our routine includes a lot of roadwork, it helps maintain joint health and flexibility. I am very happy with this product."


Daisy Williams & Bert

“I have been using NAF Five Star Superflex Senior for a number of years now. My horse Bert is an Irish hunter who has struggled with his hind leg action. Since using Superflex Senior, we hardly notice it now and it is clearly supporting the rest of his joints whilst Bert’s in such hard work! Bert is a very fussy horse but he takes no notice of it in his feed. I have mentioned this product to a few of my friends for different reasons and they have all had positive results with their horses.”


Lianne Callan & Duncan

We have owned Duncan, a 13.2hh Connemara bred pony, for two years and he has the heart of a lion. Duncan loves to work and look after his rider but in December 2022, he became very unwell. Further investigation resulted in a poor prognosis of returning to top track showjumping. We nursed him round the clock following all the advice from our farrier and vets and one other thing that 100% got us through this awful period was Superflex Senior. Stabling Duncan for a prolonged period of time was a real worry but he never showed any stiffness at all. We did take him off of it at one point in his recovery because we were scared to use anything, however, his mobility and comfort was greatly reduced and we put him straight back on it. Needless to say he quickly returned to his cheeky self. Duncan is now back to full health competing on the Scottish team and looking to pick up his tickets for Hickstead and Horse of the Year Show. We now feed Superflex Senior to all of our ponies and have added in Five Star Metazone for when they are in heavy competition work. Thank you NAF.


Charlotte Edwards & Spicy Lady

"Using Superflex Senior has made a huge difference to Spicy Lady, my racehorse come broodmare come eventer! At 17, we are looking to get back out into our second season eventing. Having recently had foot X-rays conducted, both my vet and farrier were impressed. Superflex Senior is certainly helping her in her third career."


Sophie Laker

“My horse had recently endured a busy training and competition schedule which took a lot out of her. I was therefore very grateful to be offered the chance to trial Metazone. This has supported my horse's recovery and helped to optimise her condition and energy levels. I now feed this as a short term boost after travelling and competing. I also feed Superflex Senior, which is another NAF product that we couldn’t do without!”


Lucy Quy Superflex Senior

"I have been using NAF Five Star Senior Superflex for two years now and I have to say it is like magical rocket fuel. It keeps my old boy sound and forward and really is a must have supplement which I would not be without - it really does give us wings!"


Lucy Middlecote & Don Joshi

"Don Joshi is a Dressage legend! Having won team Bronze at the European Pony Championships in 2007 with Emily Harris (now Ormerod) he has been instrumental in helping numerous riders with their Dressage careers. At 28yrs he looks fantastic on NAF Senior Superflex, and still competes with my daughter Olivia."


Pia Lake & Emma

"As Emma was getting into her later years I felt it was time to add something to her diet to help keep her in the best shape I could. After only having her on Superflex Senior for a couple of weeks, it was like riding a different horse!!"


Miranda Leslie-Jones & Murphy

"Murphy has taken NAF Superflex Senior for a number of years now after his joints started showing signs of his age. Murphy is nearly 24yrs old and I am still able to take him out on hacks confident that his shoulders and hind legs are being kept healthy to continue."


Steph Bond & Piglet

"I have always fed NAF products to Piglet now 22 years young. Now he has In the Pink Senior and Superflex Senior, and looks better than ever. Thanks to Jo Howse who has helped us since she joined NAF many years ago."


Martina Concina & Gracjano

"I started feeding Five Star Metazone about three weeks ago and I’m absolutely overwhelmed! Combined with Five Star Superflex Senior, my 18 year old dressage horse Gracjano is so smooth and flexible in his joints and very relaxed in the muscles, alongside Five Star M Power. I cannot be more satisfied with the results! Metazone has clearly done an amazing job alongside the other two supplements he’s currently on. Thank you NAF for making my horse feel young and flexible!"


Emily Pitt & Charlie

“I have owned Charlie for nine years and he is now 16. During these nine years he has undergone a major foot operation on both front feet. The prognosis from this operation was not good and I was told I would be lucky to be able to hack him out. Since his operation I have used a couple of joint supplements and have found that NAF Superflex Senior is the best one for Charlie. He is has stayed comfortable and I am really happy with his soundness and joint movement. I have since been able to take him to Riding Club sessions and even been on a fun ride which he loved.”


Julie & Marvin

“Marvin was put onto NAF Five Star Superflex Senior in June 2022. He has been under the care of our physio who has reported an improvement in walk from both hind limbs; he’s tracking up so much better with no restricted protraction. He is using his hind limbs better than before and she assessed better hock and stifle flexion. We are thrilled with the results.”


Amy Miller & Junior

Junior is 18 and has been fed on the amazing Superflex Senior for over a year now. He's jumping better than ever, producing consistent clear rounds and even winning! He feels a million dollars!


Martina Concina & Llanina Meriadoc

"I have owned this beautiful gelding Llanina Meriadoc since July 2002. We climbed up through the dressage levels with scores of up to 73% and he now retired, but is looking fabulous thanks to NAF! Together with good feed; Superflex Senior, Respirator Boost and the Veteran Supplement help him to stay looking wonderful at the age of 30."


Rhia Bell & Murphy

I started Murphy on Superflex Senior last year as he is 18 now and he still enjoys being ridden, but I could feel that he wasn't as supple as he once was. He has always been fed a joint supplement but on Superflex Senior, I really noticed a difference within a few weeks, he was less stiff and took less time to warm up. My special friend thoroughly deserves Superflex Senior and here's to many more years doing what we love best.


Max Lainsbury & Sweep

"Sweep is the best pony ever and we recently won a 50cm Eventer Challenge! As Sweep is getting a bit older now, we feed him Superflex Senior and I think it really helps him to jump the bigger jumps."


Abby Corlett & Smurf

“Smurf is on Superflex Liquid. I had him on it through last summer and now wouldn’t change it!”


Jonathan Bagg & Wilson

Wilson has a wonderful attitude and always tries to please. Superflex Senior gives Wilson the flexibility to stretch through the back and helps protect his joints from the concussion while jumping. Since being on Superflex Senior Wilson has moved from Unaffiliated Show jumping to Affiliated Show jumping and though we keep him at the lower levels you can tell by his face how happy he is.


Katie McLaren & J’Lo

"I have owned J’Lo (Vistimar) for over 4 years now. We have such a strong partnership and have achieved many awards over the years. For example winning PC Championships in Intermediate Dressage and Eventing, Winning the BE100 Scottish points series and various other competitions. JLo will be 19 next year but she shows no signs in slowing down. Anyone that has watched her has said she looks and rides like a young horse. I believe that the NAF Superflex Senior has had a huge effect on this. Super super product. Would recommend to anyone."


Emma Copeman & Declan

"I would like to thank you for the advice you gave me ref the Superflex Senior. Declan - my 26 year old ex-racer / eventer / hunter - has been on it now for 1 month. Having been on your standard Superflex for about 10 years I made the straight swap onto the Senior, and he feels fabulous. He is still very active hacking and cubbing & this has defiantly had a really positive impact on him. He has more 'bounce', which makes us both happy!!"


John and Stacy & Ned

"The Superflex Senior has made a massive difference for Ned. He recently spent 4 nights at the Three Counties Show and returned home a lot less stiff than he usually is. We are really impressed with the difference it has made for him (he has even thrown in a few cheeky bucks whilst being ridden, something he has never done in his 14 years!). He appears to be much happier in himself and whilst working. Our 11 year old mare (BV) retired to stud this year as she was becoming stiffer whilst being ridden but having seen such good results with Ned we will be trying the supplements with her. The whitening products also made a signficant improvement on how white their feathers are. We have never used a product like this before and were again very impressed in the quality of the finish. You could really see the difference when we did a comparison with 2 horses - 1 using the product and 1 not. We have been really impressed with the quality of your products (we have tried many previously!) and hope to continue using them."


Sarah Hamlett & Banta

"Banta is fed on the Superflex Senior which aids her joints and keeps them healthy! I wouldn't use any other product!"


Karen Long & Phoenix

"Phoenix is a 10 year old 16hh TB x Connemara whom I have owned for 3 years, he had done a little of everything when I bought him but was still very green. He's a good all rounder but especially loves his jumping and has been competing at affiliated eventing for the last 2 years currently at 100 level. A year ago my instructor picked up that he was struggling slightly with his off side hock and suggested having his hock injected. However, I decided to go down the supplement route first, and tried NAF Five Star Superflex Senior. I didn't have another session with my instructor for the first 6 weeks of using this product, but when she did see him for the first time after starting Superflex Senior she was extremely impressed... Phoenix was showing no signs of a hock issue at all. I've continued to use this product and Phoenix is going better than ever, with the help of an occasional tube of NAF Instant Magic to settle him before his dressage. I also use Five Star PROFEET powder to improve his feet as he can tend to have brittle feet in the summer. I will be continuing with all 3 of these products as they all seem to be doing their job, I've a happy horse so I'm a happy owner!"


Gillian Carruthers & Roxy

"Roxy broke her leg in September 2018. NAF advised to start Roxy straight away on Superflex Senior to help maintain her joints, especially as she wasn't moving a lot. She was bandaged and on box rest for 6 months. Roxy has been on Superflex Senior ever since and I see a massive difference in her movement. I have now started riding her again! I would recommend Superflex Senior, Roxy is more supple and she doesn't seize up standing in the stable overnight."


Abigale Shaw & Diamond Kitt

"Here is 18 yr old Diamond Kitt.

We bought him as 3yr old direct from the breeder in Marchington Derby, who also bred Matthew Sampson’s 2 times Hickstead Speed Derby winner Topflight True Carlo!

Kitt has always been a super star and like a good wine seems to get better with age.

He competes in everything from showing, working hunter, SJ & Team Chasing and is kept fit by working in our riding school. He however is at his happiest on the hunting field whether it be side-saddle or astride can be seen near the front of the field most weeks with The Readyfield Bloodhounds flying over anything he’s pointed at. Without doubt he’s helped to stay in tip top condition and feel at his best thanks to his favourite NAF Supplements. Kitt has been having both Superflex Senior and M-Power for the last two seasons and feels fitter and better than ever always has a spring in his step and holds his condition better throughout the hunt season."


Sarah Abel & Smartie

"Just wanted to say thank you, I won a tub of Five Star Superflex Senior in the summer camp comp - trying it out on my 14 yr old warmblood who is starting to show reduced flexibility in his fetlock joints. Hoping it will make a difference!"


Belinda Morison & Sian

“This is my mare Sian, who you will see is 23 yrs young, thanks to NAF Senior Superflex!”


Emma & Barney

We use you products all the time! We feed your NAF Five Star Superflex Senior to our old pony Barney. We didn’t think he’d be able to do much anymore but since we began using your products his joint have improved massively!! He is now out and about jumping 1.15 classes!! We also use you electrolytes on all our ponies and it too has made a huge difference to them! We just can’t thank you enough for what you have done for us!


Amy Harwood & Saffie

"This is Saffie she is a 16 year old welsh x warmblood mare who I have owned for the last 10 years. We absolutely love your products and use a wide range of them on a daily basis. Our favourites have to be the Superflex Senior which keeps Saffie supple and sound but we absolutely adore the love the skin he’s in wash. It’s great to use after clipping but also for wiping her over after riding to remove any sweat and grease using the cleansing cloth. The shine and softness she is left with after using your products is amazing! Thankyou for keeping my horse looking and feeling so great! We couldn’t do it without you!"


Chrissy and Antonio

I'm super pleased. Trying to get Antonio to actually eat a joint supplement has always been problematic, I think it is safe to say he is a fussy eater! However, NAF Superflex Senior - Not a problem! We've noticed a difference already and haven't got to the end of the tub, so thank you so much! He's 22 years old, a true golden oldie! He's my best pal, and a top Para Pony, keeping me going in the sport I love!


Superflex Superflex Liquid Superflex Senior
Devils Relief NAF Glucosamine 12,000 Plus with MSM MSM