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Powerful unique formula to support senior joints and provide flexibility for life
Powerful unique formula to support senior joints and provide flexibility for life
Powerful unique formula to support senior joints and provide flexibility for life

Superflex Senior

Five Star Superflex Senior is a unique formulation providing our highest specification of the key joint support nutrients for horses, working in synergy with rich natural sources of Omega 3 fatty acids and naturally sourced antioxidants to support healthy, flexible joints in older horses and ponies still leading active lives.

Glucosamine, Methyl sulphonyl methane,Seaweed meal, Chia seeds, Dried algae(spirulina), Glutamine peptide, Linseed oil, Chondroitin sulphate, Hyaluronic acid, Sodiumchloride.
Key Ingredients per 44g
Glucosamine sulphate 2KCl 14,380 mg
MSM 14,380 mg
Antioxidants (plant based) 13,640 mg
Chondroitin sulphate 155 mg
Hyaluronic acid 85 mg
Omega 3 3.33%
Analytical Constituents
Crude protein 18.7%
Crude oils and fats 1.8%
Crude ash 13.5%
Crude fibre 6.7%
Sodium 0.7%
Feed Superflex Senior to maintain healthy, flexible joints in hard working senior horses and ponies.
Horses & Ponies g per day scoops per day
Loading rate (3-10 days) 44 6
Standard Maintenance 22 3
Low Maintenance 14.5 2


Some time ago, my elderly horse Zebedee (nearly 30) developed a few worrying symptoms. During a chat with local NAF representative she recommended Superflex Senior and Go Sound for me to try and, I have to say, the combination of these products seemed to have a very positive effect on Zebedee. These products gave Zebedee a real boost and he seems to have much freer movement.


Maxine Whitehouse

Maxine Whitehouse & Jimmy Jimmy is 23 years old and this picture was taken last month. He is ridden four times a week and is still jumping small jumps. He has been on NAF Five Star Superflex for years and I changed last month to NAF Five Star Superflex Senior.


Amber Wood

Amber Wood & 24year old cob gelding He really benefits having something to support his joints and I can feel when being ridden when he hasn't been on his supplements! We decided to give the NAF Five Star Senior Superflex a go as my other three competition horses are on NAF Five Star Superflex. Superflex Senior has worked wonders - it really gives him a boost and keeps his joints acting and working how they should! Since seeing how well it works for him I have kept giving him it and have never had an issue, keeping my horse feeling young and moving young is an important factor for me as I like my horses to be very supple and able to work right along there backs into there hind and having him on this supplement really works!



Charlotte Roe & 16 year old Sky High AKA Sid "I noticed when Sid reached 14 after many years of BE, hacking, fun rides and general horsing around that he was becoming a little stiff and didn't 'float' as well round the school. I felt I owed it to Sid try and make him more comfortable and I needed a joint supplement with some real UMPH! I saw a shiny new tub of NAF Five Star Superflex Senior on the self of the local tack shop, thought I would give it a go and I haven't looked back since. What an amazing, remarkable difference this has made to the way Sid moves, in the field and under the saddle. He feels like he is 8 again with a big bouncy stride, he has started to extended and bend again! He looks so much more comfortable and seems happier in himself than he was before I started feeding it. A big thank you to NAF!"



I was looking for a joint supplement for my daughters games pony, and decided to try Superflex Senior (as Rolo is 26 yrs old!), although still an awesome competition pony, he had started to slow up a bit in the races, taking it more cautiously around the tight turns, and I had noticed him to be sometimes slightly unsound in trot. I was worried he had come to the end of his competition life, but decided to try another joint supplement in hope it might make a difference. Well, almost from the first day of taking the supplement he has become a different pony! You would think he was 12 not 26! He is now back out competing at top level qualifying to compete in the main ring at the Royal Bath & West show on all 4 days, coming 5th at British Individuals MGA the following weekend, and then being selected for the England South team MGA. Thank you so much to you at NAF, without this supplement my daughter wouldn?t be having such a fantastic year with her incredible pony, with many more competitions to look forward to. Thank you again, Julie O?Hara, Aimee & Rolo


Jack Limburns

Jack is 25 this year and is on the NAF Five Star Superflex Senior. I mainly do showing with him and we always get complimented on how well he looks and moves for his age. We always do very well in affiliated veteran classes. This year I am hoping to continue with my showing and elementary dressage. I believe that NAF Five Star Superflex Senior has helped us achieve what we have. Jack is still in full work and enjoys jumping.



Rob ? 24yrs old. Rob had slowed down as he?d got into his twenties, which isn?t like him. Now on Superflex Senior he?s never felt better, he wants to go hacking and he?s even enjoying a good canter again!?



Magic ? 18yrs old. Magic had been doing well on his previous joint supplement, but as he got a bit older the years were evident. Now sound and happy on Superflex Senior we?ll definitely be keeping him on it. Superflex Senior keeps him young!



We've always fed Superflex to our horses, and now the New Superflex Senior. Marcel des Rosiers won the Six year old Welsh Masters championship, and is now Champion there again ten years on. I'm sure Superflex and Superflex Senior have been key ingredients in this horse's winning performances throughout his long career. Johnathan Bowman



Meet the Superflex Senior Ambassador - Aldborough Rubinhall. Rubin is a 13 year old Grand Prix dressage horse, ridden by Bobby Hayler. Homebred, Rubin was a late developer, he doesn't have ideal conformation for a dressage horse and can struggle to get warmed up into his work. As a result of his conformation Rubin found it quite difficult to perform the high level Grand Prix movements. Now on Superflex Senior, Bobby says 'We're thrilled! Rubin is going so well. We've seen no signs of his previous issues, and he's now getting over 70% at Grand Prix - Rubin will definitely be staying on Superflex Senior.'



Moet is a 14 year old active cob mare. Her owner Julie is careful to keep her sound. Julie says, ?I wanted to do the best for Moet?s joints so I was thrilled to try Superflex Senior. Since being on Superflex Senior Moet has been happy, sound and forward going in her work ? I will definitely be keeping her on it.?


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