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NAF, Nutritional Advanced Formulas for horses and ponies
Natural and highly palatable weight management supplement to support healthy weight loss
Natural and highly palatable weight management supplement to support healthy weight loss
Natural and highly palatable weight management supplement to support healthy weight loss
Says Alan Davies...
Alan Davies VideosAlan Davies Videos

Says Alan Davies:

"Slim is a fantastic product which can be a real help in watching your horse's waist line. I have been so pleased with the results we have had with Slim and would definitely recommend it to anyone whose horse needs help with weight control"

Good doers need help to manage their weight especially at this time of year with changes in the season and daily regimes which can make it really difficult to balance a horse's calorie intake and exercise programme.
Slim is an easy to feed dietary management supplement, designed to provide natural sources of essential micronutrients to horses on a restricted diet, and works to promote wellbeing for good doers, as part of a calorie controlled diet for weight loss.


For those horses and ponies who live on fresh air, it can be a struggle to keep their weight under control. The obvious answer is to reduce their feed intake, however, this could result in vitamin and mineral deficiencies.This is where Slim comes into its own. Slim is a natural and highly palatable weight management supplement, designed to provide essential micronutrients to those individuals on a restricted diet. The unique blend of ingredients work in synergy with metabolism boosting marine extracts to provide essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, all sourced from nature. Slim works to promote wellbeing for good do’ers while supporting healthy weight loss the natural way. Slim should be used in conjunction with a calorie controlled diet and suitable exercise regime.

Forage meal (Lucerne), Seaweed meal, Sunflower seed, Carrot (dried), Magnesium oxide, Turmeric, Dried algae (spirulina), Rosehip shells, Mint, Blackberry leaves, Rapeseed oil, Blueberries.
Analytical Constituents
Crude protein 12.4%
Crude oils and fats 6.0%
Crude ash 13.9%
Crude fibre 15.1%
Sodium 0.72%
Feed daily to naturally balance the diet of horses and ponies prone to weight gain. Promotes a healthy body condition score.
Horses & Ponies g per day scoops per day
600kg+ 165 3
400-600kg 110 2
Up to 400kg 55 1

Melody Morris & Snoopy

“A couple of years ago I started feeding my Dartmoor Hill pony Snoopy NAF Slim, after a consultation with Cat from NAF. He was struggling to shift some excess weight after an injury and I was amazed by the results. Fat deposits on his shoulders melted away & his neck became so much softer. I was thrilled to finally have a balancer that worked! Fast forward to Winter 2022 and like many others I was struggling financially. Snoopy was looking so good; I became complacent and decided to cut out the Slim. Slowly the weight crept back on and in May 2023 my beloved boy became sensitive to seasonal pasture changes. Feeling guilty I spoke with Cat who was extremely sympathetic and understanding. She recommended Snoopy went back onto Slim and to add Five Star Laminaze as well. Both I could safely feed alongside his medication. Five months later, Snoopy is 63kg lighter and he is recovering well. I strongly believe the combination of these two products have played a significant part in Snoopys recovery. A million times, thank you to Cat & the NAF team!”


Elaine Bartlett & Bramble

"On fourth tub on NAF Slim now and it's defo keeping Bramble’s weight in check. My other pony who is on medication for Cushings doesn't get the supplement, they are both fed the exact same diet and turn out time and he is fatter than Bramble."


Fiona Ferris & Poppy

“The Traveller (or Archie as he is known at home) used to suffer with faecal water and loose droppings. After trying several other, our NAF Area Sales Manager, Jen Rollason, suggested Five Star GastriVet. It’s made an amazing difference, he’s a much happier horse and we have no more loose droppings staining his legs. We also love NAF Show Off shampoo, it’s amazing for removing stains and highlighting the colours in Archie’s coat.”


Melody Morris & Snoopy

I am so impressed with NAF Slim! Snoopy had a year off due to injury which meant that the inevitable happened and he put on weight, despite being on restricted grazing and soaked hay! After the go ahead from the vet I brought him back into work and even though his waistline was slowly shrinking his neck & shoulders were holding onto those stubborn fat deposits. After a month and a half of Slim being added into Snoopy's diet, his neck has softened & the fat deposits on his shoulders have shrunk for the first time in seven years! I am thrilled with the results!


Verity Adkins & Jack

Even with a carefully controlled diet and plenty of work, our much loved New Forest pony Jack was often carrying too much weight. Jack is 19 and has EMS, so it is crucial that we keep his weight at a healthy level. Slim has been a huge help over the last year and Jack has maintained a healthy weight throughout the year.


Holly & Ronnie

"I have been feeding Slim for just under a year now and it has been a life saver! It was recommended to me by my trainer and friend Bobby Hayler and it has done him the world of good as he is naturally curvy!"


Chloe Hodson

Saddlery & Gun Room

“I was recommended SLIM for my cobs waist line. It comes in a pellet form which is very palatable and easy to feed. It has helped with his weight but did take a couple of months to see, obviously with being worked as well. Would definitely recommend.”


Cheryl McCarthy

Saddlery & Gun Room

“I have had my daughters horse on NAF SLIM. He can be a fussy eater but ate this no problem. We are very pleased with the results and overall improvement of his coat. He has kept a constant weight after he slimmed down and passed his yearly vet check. Even our vet commented on his overall condition. Highly recommended.”


Elaine & Missy

"I have always found it difficult to keep weight off my mare as she is an extremely good doer but lacks energy if her diet is restricted. She is exercised several times a week but she seemed to be stuck at around 600kg. After introducing SLIM I was astonished to find that alongside her feed and exercise regime the stubborn fat patches and weight dropped off and as a result she is much more fit and enthusiastic and so able to do more exercise. She looks a different horse! We had her weighed on the Dengie weight bridge at 600kg before we started SLIM and after 4 months on SLIM she was weighed again and had lost 84kg!!"


Emma Massingale

"I used to think it would be great to have horses that can 'live on fresh air' until I had a herd of them! I realised then that there was very little out there to help support the good-doer. I wanted to find a way of making sure they were getting everything they need to support them nutritionally while keeping their weight under control... Slim is absolutely brilliant it gives me total peace of mind... I only wish they could make a human version! "


Rachel Walters & Rodney

“After only 17 days on SLIM I could see a difference and his girth went up 3 holes! Two tubs later he’s bang on weight, and is now on top form, I can’t believe how fast he’s lost it.. think I’m going to start myself on the NAF SLIM!”



Just thought I'd share pictures of my pony Jacob, I bought him in August 2015 weighing 500kg, after feeding Laminaze and Slim he looks fantastic, is in work and we're looking forward to doing pleasure rides this year. I also use PROFEET Rock Hard for his soft feet and frogs which are now healthier than ever. Layne Wilson



Olly owned and ridden by Danielle Hughes. "We put Olly on a course of NAF D-Tox and then started him on Superflex' and Slim. We have now qualified for HOYS (Amateur Classic Final). I am certain that putting him onto the Slim and Superflex supplements have played a huge part in his success. HOYS is obviously the epitome, but Olly has also qualified for every other final he has been eligible for this season, including Scope Festival and Amateur Championships!" Danielle Hughes



In spite of careful feeding offering a balanced low calorie, high fibre diet and being in hard work, Diamond Jubilee (Monty) continued to put on weight. Then we discovered new NAF Slim. We were understandably sceptical that this product would be of any help, but the difference has been astonishing. I now have a more trim and toned horse who feels fantastic in himself and looks amazing. His improved physique helps him to cope with the physical demands of high level dressage too. I really would not have believed a supplement could have made such a difference. Thank you NAF!



Beth is an 11 year old Welsh Section D x TB that I have on loan, she has done little work over the last twelve months and has just started her fittening work for the season ahead. Beth is fed Slim and in just two weeks along with exercise she has lost a massive 2 1/2 inches off her tummy and nearly 3 inches of the crest of her neck. The shine on her coat is incredible! Her diet is also supplemented with a maintenance dose of Superflex and Electro Salts. She looks fab and feels great! To all at NAF, thank you very much, especially the wonderful Sue Frewin that advised this was the best product to use! Jo Elliott


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