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NAF, Nutritional Advanced Formulas for horses and ponies

The simple way to influence performance, get ready to RaceOn

NAF RaceOn

Racing is becoming increasingly competitive with new innovative technology now being able to influence performance. This could be anything from a new training delivery for example the Kurt Equine Training System which removes the influence of the jockey, to the E-Trakka, a form of wearable technology to closely monitor health and fitness levels.

However, the really exciting innovation and progress is much simpler, and works from your feed room. With the right nutritional formulations available, it is now possible to target specific areas such as the respiratory system, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and the stomach for products that power performance and support recovery.

Over three decades of research into veterinary grade nutraceuticals mean that our team of International Veterinary Scientists and Registered Nutritionists can fine tune the diet of the racehorse to provide optimum nutritional fuel technology to Race On.

With the latest research, nutritional advanced formulas are now more specific than ever, targeting racehorses to tackle the most commonly occurring issues, while working to maintain Clean Sport. In fact, ranges are now put together that are suitable to Race On. Ensure you know what you Race On, with much more stringent tests in place, it is imperative you know who to trust. Look for global quality audits, such as GMP+, UFAS and performance credentials, like BETA NOPS accreditation.

Where will innovation take racing performance next? Make sure you're with the team that knows how we're going to RaceOn into the future.