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Now is the moment for MAGIC

You’ve read the advice, and checked your horse is fit and ready to go. Five Star Magic, with its proven trainability, gives you confidence to ride, hack, school and truly enjoy every moment with your horse. These moments should be magic and provide a light relief to the unprecedented situation we are currently living in, not only beneficial to our physical wellbeing but to our mental health too, as well as our horses. However, in some instances our horse’s behaviour can provide us with a cause for concern.

Very often our horse’s behaviour is their best way of communicating with us and it is down to us to understand this behaviour, which is the key to success. Whether you measure your success as a better dressage test, improved everyday manners or a safe and sensible hack, in order to improve or reach our goals we must understand them.

Giving our horse’s positive experiences throughout their careers is essential to build their confidence. Sadly, this is not always possible which can lead to flight reactions, which we can perceive as spooking, napping, rearing, bucking or generally misbehaving. If the horse does not understand a situation or if they have had a bad experience previously they will react accordingly to avoid having to face that situation – the underlying commonality here is confidence and trainability.

Social media has provided many virtual competitions and exercises to continue to stimulate our horses with, be it on the ground or on board, these have enabled us to continue to enjoy our time together. However, now event centres and tuition is reopening and our horses that have remained at home in what is usually an active time of year, they are more than keen to get going! Due to this burst of enthusiasm and excitement we have to be mindful that they may have heightened reactions to situations.

Whether the conditions or variables are the same as they usually experience or new, in most cases we require a helping hand, to support their inner stress response and in turn help give them confidence to understand the task at hand and in turn become more trainable. As riders ourselves at NAF, we developed NAF Five Star Magic trialled and proven to improve trainability without having a sedative effect. The amalgamation of unique herbs combined with the right balance of vitamins and minerals effectively address and support their stress responses.

Five Star Magic works like Magic, once they feel better on the inside, you will enjoy the more confident ride and enjoy training them to take on new challenges!

If you have not yet tried Five Star Magic but are thinking about getting going, give it a try and enjoy the many Magic moments with your horse today.

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