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Nutritional support for horses showing signs of seasonal anxiety
Nutritional support for horses showing signs of seasonal anxiety
Nutritional support for horses showing signs of seasonal anxiety

Shake Relief

Valuable nutritional support for horses who show signs of seasonal anxiety. Horses may be affected by a number of different seasonal triggers; commonly bright sunlight, pollen or flies, resulting in seasonally associated discomfort and anxiety in the head. By improving the diet with targeted nutrition, the horse’s natural defenses are optimised. Shake Relief contains a unique complex of scientifically verified, naturally sourced antioxidants to flush the free radicals out from the system. Soothing herbs are included with bio-available magnesium to support a calm, confident outlook. Shake Relief also contains an immune support complex which targets the immune systems, vital to the horse’s defenses and wellbeing, and MSM to support soft tissue and nerve tissue. Shake Relief should be fed throughout the peak season for each individual, and may be increased as and when needed

Magnesium oxide, Wheat protein, Hops, Methyl sulphonyl methane, Apiculture by-product (bee pollen),Echinacea, Omicha berries, Mint, Rosehip shells, Milk thistle seeds, Turmeric, Dandelion leaves, Carrot (dried),Chlorella (dried), Ginger, Gingko leaves, Mushroom(dried), Rosemary, Licorice, Rapeseed oil
Additives (per kg)
Vitamin E 3a700 2,990 I.U.
Analytical Constituents
Crude protein 17.2%
Crude oils and fats 4.5%
Crude ash 29.6%
Crude fibre 7.3%
Acid Insoluble Ash 5.5%
Sodium 0.1%
Add to daily feed ration during periods of seasonal related stress sensitivities
Horses & Ponies g per day scoops per day
Peak times (1-2 days)* 100 4
Loading rate (7-10 days) 50 2
Maintenance 25-50 1-2


Tommy, a ten year old cob cross thoroughbred owned by Bev Clark. Although Tommy had shown mild signs of head shaking two years ago, last year the symptoms became so violent there were days he couldn?t be ridden for fear he would throw himself over. Bev tried a nose net and a riding mask which were of some help. She also tried feeding various head shaking supplements but saw no improvement. That was until she saw an advert for Shake Relief in Horse and Hound. After feeding it to Tommy, the results were very encouraging; he became much easier to ride and calmer in himself. So this year Bev started feeding Shake Relief much earlier in the season, and the results have been fantastic. Tommy?s head shaking is almost non existent and he can be schooled or hacked out any time of the day with no problems. Says Sue ?I am so thankful to NAF, I would never have thought a supplement would help Tommy so much ? he doesn?t even look like a horse who head shakes and he?s so much happier, the difference is unbelievable.?



Tiffin I bought Tiffin a 16.2 TB. in November last year, although having ridden and had horses on loan all my life, he is the first horse i have actually owned. At first he occasionally shook his head when out hacking and grabbed at the bit. He was fine when ridden in the school and when jumping, it seemed that if he had something to concentrate on he was fine, so at first I put it down to it being a ?TB thing?. However, in February/March this year, he became nearly un-rideable. I bought a nose net as someone suggested this might help, it did and he was better but I wondered if there was a supplement that could help. I did some research and read other peoples stories on the NAF website and decided to give Shake Relief a go. I started Tiffin on 2 scoops and within 10 days, it was like riding a new horse!! He was calm and working well both out hacking and in the school. I then dropped him down to 1 scoop a day and he was ok but definitely not as good. About 2 weeks ago he went on box rest due to a bruised sole. Don?t ask me why I did it, but I stopped his Shake Relief. The first time I took him out again, he was a complete nightmare and the next time and the time after that. So I put him back on Shake Relief and he has returned to a calm and content horse again. Although I think he may need to be one of these horses that stays on it all year long, it really is a great supplement for him!



I have been privileged to have had Dexey in my life for 18 years and very soon after buying her, I found out that the mild head shaking, described in the vetting as a ?young horse getting used to the bit? escalated into something that was quite distressing for both horse and rider. I took her on holiday that year to Cranbourne Chase and as soon as we went under any trees, she would become very distressed and at 4 years old she was managing piaffe and passage very well without any tuition nor any prompting from me!!! During the winter, the symptoms went only to return in the spring. Over time, I have learned that tree pollen is the culprit, mainly beech and oak. She is now almost 22 and either she has learned to accept the symptoms or has built up some immunity, I am not sure, but she does not become quite so agitated but I know she is still in considerable discomfort. It is only her perfect manners which stop her from trying to escape from the stress of it. As you will guess, in all this time, I have tried almost every possible remedy from a special mixture of pollens made up for her, to human hay fever tablets prescribed by my vet which involved crushing 80 tablets per day. I had not heard of Shake Relief ? I have to say I have never been a huge believer in supplements but she had a bit of a cough and my current vet recommended I try Respirator Boost, which I have to say did the trick. It was whilst I was enquiring about Respirator that I learned about Shake Relief, so thinking ?what the heck? decided to try it. I am now on my second tub with a third on order and at this early stage, the results have been very positive indeed. Our yard backs onto a bridleway running alongside a river and bounded by trees on both sides, so you will appreciate that midges are also a problem in addition to the pollen. So far, the results have been very positive, so I am keeping my fingers crosses as this is one of the worst times of the year for her. This mare is not a cheap date, but if I can make her life as happy as she has made mine, I think we have both fulfilled our relationship! Thank you very much for your advice.


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