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NAF, Nutritional Advanced Formulas for horses and ponies
Dressage Essentials
Dressage Essentials
Dressage Essentials

With so many fantastic tried & tested results it’s clear to see why so many turn to the reassuring science of experience. The symptoms may not always be the same but the answer is... GastriAid.

× Team Charles

"GastriAid safeguards our horse’s guts and is the economical answer to provide daily protection from gastric related stresses. My horses feel happier in their work and look great on it."

× Jay Halim

"With regular travelling, competing and training my horses can feel sensitive in their digestive system which can show itself in their way of going and their attitude towards work, I feed my horses GastriAid to ensure they are comfortable and competition ready. Knowing they have the right support to feel their best is vital for extra performance."

× Anna Power

"I run all of my horses on GastriAid both as a maintenance dose but specifically with the older competition horses it offers a visible improvement in their temperament and condition. It's a must-have when travelling the horses on long distances to help keep them relaxed and healthy during transit. I can't recommend enough for the wellbeing of all my horses."

× Eve Staveley

"I use GastriAid on all my horses as a preventative after having had such a positive effect with my horse Shadow, he was diagnosed with ulcers 2yrs ago. He's never looked back since using GastriAid, he is looking and feeling great on it and won at Liverpool international 2018."

× Ruby Fryer

"I have all my competing horses on GastriAid and wouldn’t be without it! I have noticed a huge difference with the horses since using GastriAid, especially the sharper more stressed horses, which have really settled and seem calmer and happier in work! I wouldn’t dream of being without it on my yard especially with the amount of travelling the horses do!"