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NAF Introduces Natural VetCare
NAF Introduces Natural VetCare
NAF Introduces Natural VetCare
NAF, Nutritional Advanced Formulas for horses and ponies
Dressage Essentials
Dressage Essentials
Dressage Essentials

With so many fantastic tried & tested results it’s clear to see why so many turn to the reassuring science of experience. The symptoms may not always be the same but the answer is... GastriAid.

× Emilie Faurie

"We have been thrilled with the results of GastriAid – it has really helped with the horses' digestion. It’s been particularly useful with our ‘hotter’ and more sensitive horses. They feel so much more comfortable and have become much easier and more pleasurable to ride."

× Team Hayler

"Our horses have felt so much more at ease and happier in their work since feeding them GastriAid. Having the peace of mind that GastriAid manages their PH balance and soothes their stomach wall is very reassuring as we know that a healthy Ω gut is the key to a healthy, happy horse. Not only that but it is totally complaint within BETA NOPS and Clean Sport guidelines too."

× Erin Orford

"I've used GastriAid for the last few years on my top competition horse who could be a bit of an internal worrier. She used to be a bit of a fussy eater but after putting her on GastriAid and feeding it daily she now eats everything we put in front of her! It's so important to me that they are happy and relaxed, particularly when travelling and away at competitions when we want them to feel at their best but the icing on the cake was when she was scoped again and it came back clear despite a busy season of competitions - a happy and healthy gut."

× Spencer Wilton

"After asking NAF for some advice on what to feed one of our youngsters that suffers with an unsettled stomach, we were advised to put him on GastriAid. After being on the product for a few weeks we have noticed a marked improvement in him, thank you NAF."

× Superflex

"Before I was introduced to GastriAid my horses were often sensitive to the girth when tacking up, spooky and trying to avoid more difficult movements during work and when we would travel to shows they could get stressed and as a result stop eating. Now that they on GastriAid all that has changed - they are calm and willing. Great gut health is fundamental to a horse’s overall wellbeing particularly for hard working sport horses. The other thing to note is that after ulcer treatment, GastriAid is a great preventative against the problem recurring. Can’t recommend it enough."