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Over 30 years ago, NAF launched the first nutraceutical for horses into the UK and in that time, we have become the trusted supplements and applications brand for many retailers, riders, owners and trainers both in the UK and internationally.

Trust NAF has become one of our important mantras and this is crucial in giving customers confidence in our commitment to Clean Sport, quality and research. We’ve established this trust by becoming the only Official Supplier of equine supplements and horse care products to the British Equestrian Teams and many of the riders and horses competing at Championships use NAF. Our team of experts is on hand to assist the horses, riders and grooms all year round.

We use the best proven natural ingredients to produce unique and effective products and these ingredients are combined to create the synergistic formulas that you see on shelves today. The formulas are created by our experienced team of vets and nutritionists which includes Dr Nicholas Larkins BVSc DSc MRCVS, the newly appointed Dr Andrew Richardson BVSc CertAVP (Equine Stud Medicine) MRCVS, Kate Hore RNutr(Animal) RAnim.Technol and Griselda Handy ANutr(Animal). Specialised formulation chemist Adam Lewandowski is pivotal to the development of our applications and care products. The entire team at NAF is dedicated to not just meeting industry expectations, but exceeding them and this is something that we pride ourselves on.

We are a UFAS (Universal Feed Assurance Scheme) accredited company which enables us to guarantee full traceability on all of the natural ingredients we utilise in our formulations, which are selected in compliance with the FEI guidelines for Clean Sport. We also adhere to the requirements of the BETA NOPS code which sets the standard for the control of Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances.

Alongside this, we are also a member of the GMP+ Feed Certification Scheme which defines conditions relating to production facilities, storage, transport, staff, procedures and documentation. This is an internationally recognised scheme that guarantees reliability, quality, sustainability and safety.

Above all, our five star products have been created for the good of the horse and behind every great NAF horse, there’s a great NAF product.