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NAF Introduces Natural VetCare
NAF Introduces Natural VetCare
NAF Introduces Natural VetCare
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What riders are saying


What riders are saying


What riders are saying

Harani and Deborah - Oestress Testimonials

Harani & Deborah Webb

I began feeding Oestress to my mare at the beginning of the year as she was becoming increasingly nervous, agitated and generally ‘fidgety’ whenever I was handling or riding her. She was also getting very attached to the gelding in the next paddock and, as a result, was displaying very stressful behaviour when he was not there (cantering up and down the side of the paddock next to his for, sometimes, hours on end!!) not to mention, of course, being very distracted when I took her away from him for exercise etc. All of this behaviour was, I feel, making her miserable and anxious but, in addition, she was also becoming more-and-more dangerous to ride as she would either try to run off or explode into a fit of bucking at the slightest cause (e.g. another horse leaving the arena, going near a hedge, a bird moving in the bushes). In the end, a slight spook from another horse that was passing nearby was enough to set off one of these episodes of bucking and running. I realised that this was no longer acceptable and something had to be done so I opted to try Oestress to see if it would help. I gave her the liquid and after an initial settling period there was suddenly a huge change in her behaviour, almost like flicking a switch! One day I was thinking I cannot get on her in this agitated state and then the next I immediately knew that I could get on without any problem and be confident that she would be calm. Since then I have been able to do many things with her that I was always wary of, such as hacking out and riding next to the arena hedges with all kinds of noises and activity going on the other side and, apart from the odd moment, she has been so much more relaxed and contented which has given me enormous pleasure from being able to have the kind of horse I always wanted!!

Stacey Cook - Oestress Testimonials

Stacey Cook & Happy

NAF Oestress helps keep my hormonal mare happy! During her seasons we can increase the dosage, and in between we can drop it down, which seems to be really effective. And even if she’s not in season and she has some ‘difficult’ days, I can use the Oestress to keep her more level, without taking the edge off her for competitions.

Rachel Handley-Greaves - Oestress Testimonials

Rachel Handley-Greaves & Bee

Since being on NAF Oestress Bee is a lot more focused on her job and no more napping when in season! And not nearly as grumpy! Excellent product!

Krystina Bamber - Oestress Testimonials

Krystina Bamber & Toureen Breeze (Reenie)

I have a young Connemara mare who I have produced into a Mountain & Moorland Working Hunter Pony. Reenie was becoming increasingly harder to work when she was coming into/out of season and also throughout. She was struggling to concentrate whilst being schooled/jumped or hacked out and was generally "tetchy" when ridden. After being recommended to try NAF Five Star Oestress I decided to see how she went on with it. The results truly speak for themselves...she is a completely different pony! Oestress seems to have just settled her enough that I can get the most out of riding and jumping her. She is listening and concentrating so we can get the best results in the show ring. I would definitely recommend NAF Oestress, it is extremely palatable for the horse and I saw results within a couple of weeks.

Kathrene Quirk - Oestress Testimonials

Kathrene Quirk & Barton Mere Taskers Tilly Mint

After trying many calmers I decided to go down the hormone route! Oestress has made a massive difference to my hot headed grouchy mare, she is a lot calmer, happier in herself, and also SHINE ON keeps my 19 year young girl looking fabulous in the show ring!

Lucy Goodman - Oestress Testimonials

Lucy Goodman & Freya

“Freya is currently fed on Oestress through the spring and summer months. She is calmer and more relaxed as a result of this product. It is an essential supplement in her diet and I wouldn't be without it!”

Lucy Morgan - Oestress Testimonials

Lucy Morgan & Rosie

"I am currently using Oestress liquid on my mare, as she has quite an unpredictable cycle, and when she is in season she can be very stroppy, on edge and horrible to other horses that aren't of interest to her; but horses that are she clings too terribly making her awful at shows and to exercise on her own! I wanted something just to calm her down and relieve her extremely hormonal symptoms, but not lose her character and sparkle, this looked perfect and has done the job. Attached are some photos of my now happy and stress free mare thanks to Oestress liquid!"

Ferne Fairfull - Oestress Testimonials

Ferne Fairfull & Dutch

“I have owned my 7 year old Dutch Warmblood since she was 2 years old. Every spring-autumn she became very naughty to handle and ride. I decided to try NAF Five Star Oestress to see if it would help. Help was an understatement as I have my golden girl back - she is calm, laid back and willing again. So I just wanted to say thank you for making such a brilliant supplement. Here are some pictures from the Scottish Championships where she won the Novice whilst on Oestress.”

Carly Sargent - Oestress Testimonials

Carly Sargent & Fae

“My favourite NAF product is Oestress because it’s nice to know that your horse isn’t going to be naughty or bite like she does when she is not on her Oestress!”

Bring on your mare's Girl Power with Oestress Bring on your mare's Girl Power with Oestress Bring on your mare's Girl Power with Oestress


We would love to hear your feedback, reviews and stories about how our products have helped your horses and ponies, and are proud to share so that others can see the results too.