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With testing becoming increasingly extensive and advanced across all disciplines, NAF, proud of their Clean Sport heritage and trusted by riders worldwide, are leading the way by taking Clean Sport seriously.

Clean Sport is a term used to describe the rules and regulations that work together to uphold and maintain a fair and consistent sport across the disciplines.

Anyone who is a member of an equestrian sporting discipline and is eligible for participation can expect their horse(s) to be tested.This includes equestrian sports and member bodies such as BD, BE, BS, Para Equestrian Dressage, Driving, Endurance, Reining, Vaulting and British Riding Clubs.

Kate Hore, Registered Nutritionist, Member of the BETA Feed Committee and Senior Nutritionist at NAF explains why NAF are proud to have strong partnerships with equestrian sporting bodies and why Clean Sport must be taken seriously.

"NAF have always been very proud of their quality control methods, and being one of the first companies to comply with the BETA NOPS Scheme, we have since become registered as a GMP+ company. This is a huge accolade and we take it very seriously. As we take such rigorous quality control and assurance methods to uphold Clean Sport policy, we felt it necessary to raise awareness of Clean Sport and the importance of it to fulfil our role as Official Suppliers to the British Equestrian Teams, and loyal supporters of Equestrian Sport."

Sarah Armstrong, Head of Performance Operations at the British Equestrian Federation comments;

"With so many different feeds and supplements available it is important to know, and to keep a record of, exactly what you are using.

NAF continuously promote the values of Clean Sport and have now launched the ‘Feed and Supplements Log Book’. Allowing riders to record all feed and supplements to ensure full traceability and peace of mind, a log book is an essential item for every rider."

NAF Clean Sport Log Book

Designed for you to log your feeds and supplements and to accompany your horse on their journeys, the Feed and Supplements Log Book ensures each batch number can be carefully recorded so that you can be confident you have full traceability should you be tested. Confident that each and every purchase you make is with a reputable company, confident that you are looking out for the right accreditations and confident that your sport's integrity is upheld.

FREE Feed & Supplement Log Book

NAF’s Feed and Supplements Log Book is provided FREE to members of disciplines such as BD, BE, BS and British Riding Clubs.

To receive your FREE copy or to discuss your horse's Nutritional Requirements, please call NAF on

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