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NAF, Nutritional Advanced Formulas for horses and ponies
Dressage Essentials
Dressage Essentials
Dressage Essentials
Dressage Essentials
Dressage Essentials
Dressage Essentials
Dressage Essentials
Dressage Essentials
Dressage Essentials

NAF are proud to be Official Suppliers to Team GBR and with over 30 years of experience in providing nutritional support and we have just what you need to get your horse, pony or team in winning form.

Whether your horse is new to Showjumping or a well-seasoned pro, approach every challenge with peace of mind that your horse is in good hands.

NAF go above and beyond to ensure you know exactly what you are buying for your horse.

Not only do NAF carry the BETA NOPS logo, the standard quality audit in place to minimise the risk of naturally occurring prohibited substances, but we are also UFAS and GMP+ accredited so knowing whether your product is FEI legal has never been easier.

Trust NAF to make this season a brilliant one with the Five Star Showjumping Essentials for healthy, happy, gleaming horses.

× Instant Magic

“Believe in Magic”
Jay Halim gives his horses Instant Magic when it all gets a bit exciting;

“Magic helps control the nervous energy to enable my horses to focus and concentrate to perform at their best”

× MPower

"Switch on the Power"

Getting your horse into the best shape of his life requires particular attention to his diet and training. M Power is a leading edge nutritional formula to support the natural, healthy development of your horse’s muscles and is ideal for young developing horses.

× Oestress

Ultimate Girl Power
Sienna Charles:

"When I get on board I like to know that "Flicka" is with me for each jump we face. With Oestress I know that she is focused on her fences without her hormones getting in the way of our performances."

× vitaFerrin

“Maintain Peak Performance”

vitaFerrin is iron rich and fortified with vitamins and minerals to maximise training and performance potential and has the added immune system support of yucca and Echinacea.

× Recover

“Recover has become essential”
Anna Power feeds her horses Recover:

“When jumping back to back classes at shows Recover has become essential for my horses recuperation; I need to know they are at their best when in the ring.”

× Respirator

“Find him the perfect breathing space”

With the season rolling from winter through to summer, Five Star Respirator Boost provides valuable nutritional support to the lungs.

Scarlett Charles:

“We feed Delphi Respirator Boost because it clears his airways and enables him to jump the bigger fences.”

× Stay Cool

Stay Cool

Plenty of water should always be available and the addition of electolytes to feed or water is a good idea if your horse has sweated excessively. In addition we can cool him down in other ways too: treat tired, hot legs to Cooling Gel and rinse away the sweat and grime with no rinse Cooling Wash – prepare to be cool!

× Superflex Range

“It’s my responsibility to give them the best”
British Olympic Gold Medallist Peter Charles:

“I expect no less than the best from my horses at all times. Therefore it’s my responsibility to give them the best. I give them Superflex to maintain the health and flexibility of their joints; in return they remain strong, supple and able to perform to their best. I advise you do the same, whatever you do with your horse.”

× Gastriaid

For a winning constitution

Maintains gastric health, soothes the stomach wall and supports the balance of pH levels within the gut.


“PROFEET and good farriery
- a great combination”

Harry Charles;

"PROFEET gives my horses the hooves to take off and land over each jump confidently."