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Flash, a 14.3hh, 24yr old Arab x Welsh gelding owned by Jenny Reilly.
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Team GBR


Caroline ensures that Gus is turned out in the field every day. However, after moving to a new area, where the soil was obviously totally different to what they had been previously used to, several of the horses on the yard began to show the symptoms of mud fever, which was hard to eradicate.

Says Caroline "After speaking to Eloise on the NAF Nutritional Helpline, we were recommended to feed Mud Gard and use Mud Gard Ointment as a barrier cream. We have since used these products with great success, they quickly helped to clear the condition. In fact, it worked so well that we now feed Mud Gard to Gus and all the other horses as a preventative measure once the weather and field conditions start to show signs of winter deterioration. We've not had a single outbreak of mud fever ever since!

We also use PRO FEET Hoof Moist and Rock Hard to keep Gus's hooves in good condition. He recently won the Mountain and Moorland best shod horse award at our local Cotswold Hunt and Farmers Show."

Photo http://www.event-digipix.co.uk